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  Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
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    Bi Luo Chun
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    Bi Luo Chun
    (rating: 4.1 out of 5)
      Bi Luo Chun
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    Fresh taste, pleasant aroma. I like this tea! I recommend!

    Anton (11/28/2010)
    I canīt tell you how much I love this tea. Fresh and delightful!

    manuel (11/12/2010)
    you get what you pay for. overly smoky low grade stuff with just a hint of other flavor detectable over the smoke

    Thomas (11/1/2010)
    I love this tea as it is good quality and refreshes the mouth. It has one of the best aromas I noticed before the actual brewing. After brewing this tea has a green vegetal taste.

    Ronald (9/10/2010)
    Lovely subtle orchid fragrance throughout. Leaves are prepared well; most are whole pieces without too many broken bits, which eliminates bitterness. The taste is sweet and refreshing-vegetal and mildly grassy. Sometimes BLCīs can be too strident and strong for me, but this one is mild and pleasant. For the price, this is a pretty high quality fresh BLC. Drop the leaves into the water in a gaiwan and you will be able to elicit all the subtle notes. Highly recommended!

    Kei (7/23/2010)
    Good tea, nice taste, delicate flavor. But despite this, only four stars.

    Anton (6/5/2010)
    Not as flowery as Pi lo chun from other sources; besides, I do not like the fairly pronounced smoky flavor.

    Roswitha (3/2/2010)
    Good, but a bit less flowery than I expected. A very nice sweetness though.

    Oskar (2/27/2010)
    Still smells so good. I love this tea. By the way, the customer service is also very good.

    Yaqin (2/18/2010)
    This turned out to be a HUGE surprise! Most inexpensive Bi Luo Chuns really stink, but this is excellent for the price. And, you donīt have to be so careful with the temperature, though lower is better with Bi Luo Chuns, of course.

    Mark (11/4/2009)
    plain green chinese tea. .

    Christian (10/26/2009)
    This is an excellent Bi Lo Chun! I visit Changshu City in Jiangsu Province often on business, and always purchase locally grown Bi Lo Chun from a tea farm at the base of Yu Mountain, where the local variety is grown. TeaSpring.comīs Bi Lo Chun is as good as any Iīve found in China. Highly recommended.

    John (9/3/2009)
    What a tea! Little differences with last year but still an awesome tea, with a very good price.

    manuel (8/25/2009)
    good green tea with an excellent price. this bi luo chun isnt as aromatic as the more expensive versions, but is very flavourful with a soft nutty aftertaste an good floral notes

    Sergio (8/14/2009)
    I like it very much. I steep it for a long time before drinking for it fragrance.

    Beady (7/30/2009)
    Light, but not weak, floral and fresh. Has a perfume of early-season leaves the is reminiscent of Tai Mu Long Zhu and others. Lightly sweet and pleasant finish. Beautiful in the cup. Rebrews more sturdy than you might expect.

    Rolf (12/17/2008)
    Itīs a great tea. Quite strong and rubust with a taste of flower and nuts.

    Oskar (11/30/2008)
    I came across the name "Bi Luo Chun" a while back and I think that Iīll give it a try. I really love this tea. It is good even after the 2nd or 3rd infusion. Of course I did put in a lot of leaves to begin with. This will be one of my favourites.

    Beady (11/24/2008)
    The smell of this tea dry made me wonder if it had gone off, really weird odor for a tea. It tastes kind of like chestnuts, mild and drinkable but not a favorite. The little rolled up leaves look nice opening but the smell just puts me off.

    Zenobie (11/4/2008)
    you really cant be the quality of this tea for the price. its surprisingly good. I recommend it.

    John (10/30/2008)
    Tastes smooth and refreshing. A nice tea for everyday drink. Great for the price.

    Fan (10/30/2008)
    good tea with a fresh taste. I will definitely buy it again.

    Yaqin (10/15/2008)
    Holy cow I love this tea: first itīs a beauty to see, second itīs a wondeerful to drink (with a second infusion very rich and taste) and at last itīs cheap. BI LUO CHUN A GREAT TEA!!!

    manuel (9/28/2008)
    My first Bi Luo Chun. Very light, but beautiful taste, appearence. Relaxes the body while leaving the mind very alert.

    Ted (7/27/2008)
    very nice and smells so good! worth the price and waiting.

    Yaqin (7/10/2008)
    this tea really surprised me, I though it would be of a far lower quality but it result to be just excellent, and even better for its price. this tea is very frutty in character and sweet.

    Sergio (7/3/2008)
    Very good tea, very good harvest. Already my favorite tea and this harvest only confirms that choice. Excellent!

    Marc (6/16/2008)
    Very smooth taste,an excellent tea ,this is my friends conclusion as well.

    Adrian (4/15/2008)
    Itīs always one of my favourite tea. Iīll like drink it everyday!

    manuel (3/20/2008)
    This tea is one of my absolute favourites. Itīs not as flowery as the more expensive variety, but i donīt think thatīs to its disadvantage. Tastes somewere in between Tie Guan Jin and Long Jing, and how could that get wrong???

    Oskar (3/3/2008)
    As usual, very good service and very good tea! My everyday choice.

    Marc (12/17/2007)
    Good stuff as before. See below for my detailed review of this Bi Luo Chun.

    JT (11/23/2007)
    This is another everyday tea for me. Very affordable, good taste, nice aroma. The smell of this tea is hard to describe. Similar to a sweet corn but not really. Brewed in a gaiwan i get around 4-5 cups. Mild astringency, unique flavor compared to other Bilochuns I’ve had, great price.

    JT (11/19/2007)
    Very fruity scent with a clear and golden brew. Good to drink in a glass guywan, so you can watch the "falling leaves"...

    Jana (11/18/2007)
    Very good tea, I drink it every day. I can recommend it to everyone!

    Marc (9/27/2007)
    As always a good tea for every moment. Great quality-price.

    manuel (4/14/2007)

    GIOVANNI (2/3/2007)
    Lovely fragrance and delicate vegetal flavor. Good for several infusions.

    Jennifer (12/5/2006)
    Nice fragrance and always delicious!

    Jennifer (12/5/2006)
    Not much to my taste. It was good, but I didn’t enjoy the slight smokiness.

    Toni (11/18/2006)
    As always: wonderful tea, good price!

    manuel (10/21/2006)
    Great taste. Excellent service. Fast delivery.

    Alla (9/19/2006)
    So beauty to see, the infusion give us a green tea for every moment. The second infusion looses much of its flavour, but it still remains a perfect compromise quality-price.

    manuel (5/16/2006)
    Very drinkable. I found this tea to be sweet and delicate but not much complexity. Easy to brew. For the price however, a very good deal.

    Elliot (4/5/2006)
    light golden green color.Good toasty fragrance.Not very long after taste.Good everyday tea.

    wittaya (10/6/2005)

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