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3 types of Buckwheat Tea
  • Gold Label Buckwheat Tea  
  • Buckwheat Tea  
  • Platinum Label Buckwheat Tea  
  • Chrysanthemum  (3 types)
  • Eight Treasures Tea No 1  
  • Gingko and Green Tea Blend  
  • Honeysuckle Flower  
  • Jasmine Bud  
  • Jiao Gu Lan  
  • Kuding Tea  
  • Lavender  
  • Osmanthus Flower  
  • Qian Ri Hong  
  • Red Rosebud  
  • Wolfberry  
    Buckwheat Tea
    Buckwheat Tea
    (rating: 4.5 out of 5)
      Buckwheat Tea
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    Everything was perfect, the delivery was quick considering the item came from China and the tea is excellent sorry I have nothing else to say

    Benedicte (2/9/2015)
    Very nice, and very similar to Japanese mugicha. Tastes and smells like wheat!

    Matthew (5/4/2012)
    This is my first time trying Buckwheat tea....had 3 cups today and I love the taste...Thank you to customer service for checking in on me and answering promptly... :)....Love this tea and teaspring.com will definitely be ordering more. Thanks

    VERONICA (4/4/2012)
    The tea has nice flavor and it does not upset your stomach or sleep at night. Perfect for after dinner drink.

    Michelle (12/20/2011)
    This is my first time trying buckwheat tea.This tea is delicious,thank you!!

    Slava ZM (11/17/2011)
    I expected a light beverage for winter afternoons that will not upset good night sleep with itīs level of tein. I got exactly that and even more. It has nice yellow-orange colour, the taste is slightly sweet and the thing that surprised me is how much infusions you can have that taste almost identical from the 1st ītill the last one. So, get yourself cousy inside your favourite blanket, take a big book and let yourself go..

    Maja (10/13/2011)
    Tea was just as I expected and delicious. Service exceptional, thank you very much.

    mr (8/10/2011)
    Theonly other buckwhet tea I have tried has been purchased in Japan. This product is far better than any of those. The buckwheat settles rapidly allowing it to be made easily in a cup. Aroma is a pronounced roasted wheat with some background beefy tones. Palate is long and sensational. A small amount tops up to several cups with little loss of flavour. Very very good product.

    Don (6/23/2010)
    Nice roasted flavor, slightly reminiscent of coffee, but without the bitterness. Full and satisfying.

    Jeff (6/14/2009)
    What can I say, it tastes and smells like buckwheat!

    mark (5/5/2009)
    It is toasty, slightly sweet, and very refreshing.

    Pedro (1/7/2008)
    Interesting addition to your beverage shelf. Healthy and tasty - it happens not so often:)

    Armandas (8/21/2007)
    Itís mild, toasty, slightly sweet, and very refreshing.

    Matthew (6/4/2007)
    very nice flavour with a hint of coffee taste but not too strong

    john (4/12/2007)
    My first take on this tea was the nose is a little strong, but the taste was really good. After a few days of drinking it Iím starting to not mind the nose so much. So if your looking for a little daily tea that really packs a punch this could be it. I have had if for two weeks now and I really enjoy it. Plus I have no problem getting 4-5 brews from one tablespoon

    eric (3/22/2007)
    It took a while for it to arrive. It tastes great, but I was shocked to see how small the tea packages were for $5.00. How many cups of tea does that make, 3 or 4?

    Jane (3/15/2007)
    I loved the Buckwheat Tea. It is so hard to find in my area and I think it is the best tasting Tea and no caffeine!!! I love it hot or cold and I can get about 6 cups out of 1 teaspoon. Thanks Anita Gery

    anita (3/10/2007)

    Michael (11/25/2006)
    Buckwheat tea has a gentle roasted nutty flavor. It is yellow to light brown in color. With no caffene, it is said to be a good source of Vitamins C and E and Rutin with many potential health benefits.

    Carol (10/26/2006)

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