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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Dan Cong Classic
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    Dan Cong Classic
    (rating: 4.3 out of 5)
    Dan Cong Classic
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    My favourite of three Dan Congs here - its fragrance was both fruity and tannic, I think the recommended temp of 100 degrees C is too high - I will be making it at below boiling.

    Marika (10/7/2020)
    My favorite tea. However, I do not recommend drinking the night - cheers!

    dmitry minein (7/24/2013)
    My favorite tea. Feelings of honey and milk flavors. The main thing is to brew NOT too long =)

    dmitry minein (7/24/2013)
    Очень приятный представитель семейства Dan Cong. Свежий, нежный аромат!

    Alena (2/21/2013)
    Canīt go wrong with this tea, constantly good quality.

    Peter (3/15/2012)
    I observed 3 consistent brews. For the price, it was satisfactory.

    Alvin (1/27/2012)
    I thought this was very nice. Nectar-y and floral.

    anon (12/17/2011)
    If I have this wonderful tea for breakfast to outlook for the day does improve considerably. Aroma and flavor are just great.

    Peter (9/19/2011)
    Quite good dan cong, but it has to be brewed carefully to encourage the fruity flavors and avoid bitterness.

    Terje (8/5/2011)
    It was a noticeable lychee smell. It lacks an after taste. Not a strong tea

    li (10/26/2010)
    This tea is not as sweet and has less aroma and flavor than other Mi Lan I have tried for about the same price. It is still a good tea and pleasant to drink for breakfast.

    Peter (6/14/2010)
    This tea is good. Nothing special but since the price is low I might order it again.

    boris (3/3/2010)
    this was my favorite dan cong. I reccomend it for a mellow cup.

    Christopher (12/8/2009)
    A very refreshing tea, with a delicious taste. I have tasted two Dang Comg teas, this tea has a much stronger taste then the other. Classic tastes very sweet and floral.

    Jenni (8/19/2009)
    A good DC oolong at a reasonable price. I didnīt get the fruity or peachy tones other reviewers have described, I found the amber-colored liquor to be a bit strong and earthy tasting. Like most oolongs, DC can get tannic very quickly if infused too long. All in all, I prefer the Feng Huang DC over this one.

    John (7/8/2009)
    Хороший чай

    Sergey (3/10/2009)
    More sophisticated and balanced than its price would suggest. This compares well with pricier Dan Cong. The first brew is strogly aromatic, hints of smoke, and earthy. Subtle rose and a slight honey finish come out in successive brews.

    Rolf (12/17/2008)
    I cannot figure out how to make this tea drinkable. I use a small yixing pot and its just not my style of tea I guess. I thought it was kind of like grapefruit or something else bitter. The leaves look nice and are a good size but itīs not what I had hoped for at all taste wise.

    Zenobie (11/4/2008)
    For me its just "satisfactory" but not great. Iīve had the Song Zhong DC and there is no comparison. That tea is just wonderful. The Classic displays its peachy floral Dan Cong notes but in a less confident way. The aroma is rather muted too. I feel its a case of "you get what you pay for". For me this tea is rather thin and uninspiring. Iīm happy to sacrifice quality for a lower price in some teas (eg da hong pau or Tie Guan Yin) but when it comes to Dan Cong I want it to be special and this Classic DG just doesnīt work for me. For those who like to quaff DG as a staple, this tea isnīt bad and perfectly drinkable. I shall be buying the more expensive stuff in future (which is double the price but worth it). If you like this and not tried Song Zhong then for goodness sake buy some Song Zhong Dan Cong!

    Thomas (9/28/2008)
    I am really impressed by this tea. Nice fruity aroma, sweet and lingering taste. It is a discovery for me. will order more next time.

    Olga (7/22/2008)
    Longlasting taste. Fragrance reminds me of shocolate with a touch of fruit.

    Jana (7/12/2008)
    Itīs the first Oolong I taste, and I must admit: I am really impressed. The smell of the tea leaves didnīt catch my attention, but the aroma of the tea is magnificient! Even tough I think I didnīt get it right at the first time (Iīm used to brewing green tea), it was a great cup of tea.

    Erikson (5/15/2008)
    This is a fine tea with a nice flavor and excleent aroma. Very enjoyable.

    Gerald (4/14/2008)
    il miglior Dancong di uso comune (quindi non appartenente alle categorie di eccellenza) provato. Ottimo sia con la preparazione classica che con metodo Gong Fu. Lungo persistente il retrogusto fruttato (pesca o io credo meglio albicocca) e splendido in bocca al primo assaggio.

    Andrea (3/12/2008)
    Really nice Dan Cong - stands out from the others. And a decent price, too.

    Michael (3/8/2008)
    This was not really my cup of tea. Itīs a good oolong, but I donīt really fancy the peachy taste.

    Oskar (3/3/2008)
    This tea holds a very freshing fruity taste. Not like peach or strawberry; when I drink it, it makes me feel that a delious piece of dark chocolate with rasbery filling soft cake would be the great companion. :) The taste is not overwhelming, but it lingers on and gives a great lasting feeling of well being.

    Melody (1/11/2008)
    very good tea. very sweet, with peach notes. Excellent price

    Sergio (10/4/2007)
    Luscious and fruity. A wonderful autumn cup holding memories of summer peaches! Lovely dark amber soup with rich fruity/floral aroma. A great surprise for an inexpensive dan cong!

    Jeanna (Shen) (10/2/2007)
    I was surprised by this tea, very peachy. I enjoyed it, but I dont think its one of my favorites. The first time I gong gu-ed it, it was too astringent, very sharp finish, but I just decreased the steeping time a big and it mellowed out wonderfully.

    Alex (8/25/2007)
    I had a hard time brewing this correctly, keeping the steep times down seems to be the trick. The taste is a little too ’green’ for me, but that’s just a matter of preference. Nice peachiness.

    Brian (12/29/2006)
    Fruity and potent, but you must use enough leaf to strike that delightfull balance.

    Chip (11/1/2006)
    For fans of Oolong, Dancong Classic is a must try. Showing a beautiful rich treacle golden brown colouring, Dancong Classic also has a captivating nose, Promising exactly what it delivers - a wonderful toffee, peachy, fruity tea. Warming and enlivening. A tea of rare complexity and flavour

    jonathan (10/18/2006)
    complex citrus taste, smooth finish, satisfying

    Michael (7/9/2006)
    Exeptional tea, strong and subtle.

    Armandas (9/2/2005)

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