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  Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
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    Ding Gu Da Fang
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    Ding Gu Da Fang
    (rating: 4.4 out of 5)
      Ding Gu Da Fang
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    Not as strong as I expected. More subtle, even exquisite.

    John (5/23/2015)
    Strong and sweet tea, I really enjoyed this batch.

    Shehzad (11/21/2014)
    Nice rounded flavor that develops after each steeping with notes of nuttiness and citrus.

    Marc (10/19/2014)
    A very nice refreshing tea, but somewhat lacking depth.

    Joao (10/3/2014)
    Green tea is the key to my health. I drop one teaspoon every morning into 80 degree water, strain it after two minutes and brew it again. The two cups that one spoon of this tea gives me every morning has slashed the frequency of influenza, common cold and virals to just about one a year. Of course it also helps that this tea is full of flavour and rejuvenating and calming at the same time. I cannot begin my morning without this.

    Sankarshan (9/6/2013)
    Really nice tea. A bit stronger than some of the others, and slightly smokey.

    Shehzad (2/2/2013)
    Strong and grassy, highly recommended. Xi hu long jing is certainly finer, but it is much subtler. This tea will appeal to people who find XHLJ too subtle.

    Matthew (8/21/2012)
    Nutty and powerful. Brews many times. Strongest green tea I´ve tried.

    Max (6/18/2012)
    Smooth and not amer, refreshing : a good everyday green tea !

    Breilloux (6/2/2012)
    Very bold flavour, and very good value for the price. It brews very ´thick´, and unlike Long Jing, requires no searching for flavours. It also seems to resist overbrewing very well, not becoming bitter even after a two minute steep, which impressed me. There are also white hairs with this tea, which is a very nice touch. In some ways, this tea has the character of white tea more than green.

    Reed (4/20/2012)
    Nice chestnut fragrance with a delicate apricot flavour. I tried multiple infusions - the first and second infusions where the best.

    Jana (4/18/2012)
    I rate this as satisfactory as it was not bad tea but it did not meet my expectations for this quality of tea. I may or may not order this again.

    dennis west (12/19/2010)
    Nice chestnut fragrance and a very strong vegetal/grassy taste. The quality is very good, with fresh buds and leaves. Long Jing has probably more interesting notes, but Ding Gu Da Fang is a very good tea. If you are careful measuring out the appropriate amount of dry leaf, you can avoid an overly bitter cup. A nice invigorating and assertive green tea. Highly recommended!

    Kei (7/26/2010)
    For me Ding Gu Da Fang is the acme of perfection. I really love this tea!

    manuel (5/7/2010)
    Great to compare and contrast to long jing. I agree with the flavor being more robust, but its subtle. Its enough to make it a good change of pace

    John (9/22/2009)
    This tea is similar to Long Jing but has a very bold taste profile. The opening notes are bright, astringent, slightly bitter, and very grassy with a nice full toasty nutty aroma. The strong taste is not unpleasant and actually very satisfying and assertive. I like this tea. Highly recommended if you are looking for a strong and forceful tasting green tea.

    Kei (9/12/2009)
    Strong nutty taste, seems to be at par with last years´ offering.

    Daniel (8/26/2009)
    It has a wonderful flavor, however, it seems that the aroma of this year´s batch is not as strong as the one of last year. Still a beauty of a tea.

    Peter (6/30/2009)
    Well, for me this tea is not so strong as said. I think it´s a good tea, but maybe it is too expensive.

    manuel (6/26/2009)
    This tea is smoothe all the way down though it drys out your mouth a bit when oversteeped.

    Robert (2/22/2009)
    Meh, I´d stick to the Long Jing. Be a little careful with this one, I´ll get bitter on you quickly if your not paying too close attention.

    Daniel (1/1/2009)
    Definitely reminescent of roasted chestnut, strong taste, with prudence in brewing can give intense autumnal satisfaction!

    vincenzo (11/17/2008)
    good tea, reminescent of long jing. light, nutty with a sweet aftertaste and a beautiful liquor color

    Sergio (11/2/2008)
    good quality green tea. no bitterness, no sweetness, no vegetable taste, not out-of-this-world, just green tea.

    Christian (8/13/2008)
    This is my favorite green tea. The mildly sweet aftertaste makes this a pleasure to enjoy. When side to side with LongJing, as this is often compared to, I prefer the Ding Gu Da Fang. This has become my ´every-day´ tea.

    Jerod (7/28/2008)
    Very similar to long jing. If I didn´t drink so much long jing, I would have a hard time telling the difference. It is a good tea, I think I prefer the long jing though. Its a nice subtle change of pace though

    John (7/25/2008)
    This tea is indeed similar in appearance to an everyday Long Jing. However, it lacks the balance of its more famous cousin as well as a noteworthy aftertaste. As far as its strength goes, perhaps I need to use hotter water but I still found it somewhat lacking when compared to a Japanese sencha or a high mountain green oolong. Despite the criticism, Ding Gu Da Fang still has its charms in the uniform leaves, chestnut aroma, and fresh character.

    Vuong (7/12/2008)
    Chapeau, what a great tea. After drinking oolong for many years this is my first Chinese green tea and I am impressed. When I sipped it this afternoon I asked my house helper to smell it from the cup, she said: no need I can smell it. Yes a wonderful flavor was drifting through the room.

    Peter (6/28/2008)
    Still one of my favorites. Highly recommended! It has a wonderful baked chestnut flavor, with hints of orchid floral taste. Very refreshing!

    Jason (5/23/2008)
    Delicious! Very similar to a decent Longjing, but a lot cheaper.

    Elliot (12/19/2007)
    I really enjoyed this tea! The nutty tone was especially pronounced

    Toni (11/20/2007)
    Smells a bit similar to the standard long jing. A little too astringent for me but maybe I haven’t found the right leaf ratio yet.

    JT (11/19/2007)
    It’s a tea very similar to Long Jing, but it is cheaper. I really appreciate.

    manuel (9/18/2007)
    Rare to find and perfect tea, makes feel like in the open field, full of blooming wild flowers.

    Armandas (8/21/2007)
    Good Tea. Almost like lung jing. Just a bit lighter.

    Michael (8/18/2007)
    Great quality spring tea. For the money I prefer Long Jing. Although, this is wonderful tea.

    mark (8/14/2007)
    Very nice tea, like good long jing but not long jing. I’m confused but very happy. Thanks teaspring.

    Gary (8/4/2007)
    Long seeked one of my favourites green teas. Nice refreshing taste and aroma.

    Armandas (7/2/2007)
    This tea has a warm roasted chestnutty flavor that is deeply satisfying. After trying 25 gram sample, I was hooked. Highly recommended.

    Richard (6/23/2007)
    Great tea. I brew at a cool temperature. I t has both toasted and citrus notes. Brews perfectly every time.

    Greg (6/21/2007)
    I have drunk green tea for more than 15 years now. This is one of my favorate tea. To me it is much like Long Jing, but has a much more favor than that. And it can be infused for several times. Very good tea.

    Wei (6/20/2007)
    Second time getting this tea. After trying many different types of teas in all grades, I still find this to be one of my favorites. I can’t taste the popcorn taste that others have referred to. To me it is more of a mild-sweet roasted chestnut taste. I found that brewing slightly more leaves than normal at 170 degrees, for 1.5 minutes, in a uncovered gaiwan, gave me the best results. Try using different methods, to bring out different qualities.

    Jason (5/30/2007)
    A green tea good for everyday use. I couldn’t find a sweet taste in it (like Dong Ding e.g.). Its more like popcorn - also in taste.

    Christian (5/9/2007)
    This tea has a rich, chestnut-like taste and aroma which is very pleasing to the senses. It seems to deliver its qualities best in the tall glass method of infusion, where the tea is allowed to continue to steep while being sipped.

    Richard (4/21/2007)
    This tea at first smells like pop-corn! (does not taste like though). I enjoyed but seemed not to have a lot of staying power (multiple infusions). Still very good!

    Kenneth (4/19/2007)
    Leaves are nice, but looks as if the weather in An Hui was not perfect for tea in 2007 some irregularities can be seen. Taste is full and nut-like, not as pronounced as lung ching so.

    Joachim (4/17/2007)
    This is some of the best green tea I have had. I brewed this tea using a Gaiwan. The tea is full of unbroken beautiful buds. It has a wonderful aroma, and a great nutty, sweet taste. Highly recommended!

    Jason (4/5/2007)

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