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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Dong Ding Oolong
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    Dong Ding Oolong
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Dong Ding Oolong
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    Замечательный чай с тонким запахом и приятным послевкусием. Качество чая превосходное. Отправка всегда быстро и в срок.

    Svetlana (7/10/2017)
    I always keep some Dong Ding in my stash. Oolongs are not teas that you would drink every day īcause of itīs complex taste, but every once in a while it comes in perfectly. Highly recommended.

    Maja (6/7/2017)
    Замечательный чай с приятным ароматом. Вкусно пьется и полезен, выводит излишнюю жидкость из организма.

    Svetlana (4/10/2017)
    First time drinking this tea. I am using it for an afternoon tea. It is refreshing

    Alice (2/15/2017)
    this is favorite afternoon tea for my husband and me. Being an oolong, it has more depth and body than many green teas. itīs sweet, bitter, mossy, nutty and has a rich bronzey-green color. If you need some caffeine it can stand to be brewed quite strong.

    Uzi (1/19/2017)
    this is favorite afternoon tea for my husband and me. Being an oolong, it has more depth and body than many green teas. itīs sweet, bitter, mossy, nutty and has a rich bronzey-green color. If you need some caffeine it can stand to be brewed quite strong.

    Uzi (1/19/2017)
    this is favorite afternoon tea for my husband and me. Being an oolong, it has more depth and body than many green teas. itīs sweet, bitter, mossy, nutty and has a rich bronzey-green color. If you need some caffeine it can stand to be brewed quite strong.

    Uzi (1/19/2017)
    Мой любимый чай уже много лет. Тонкий аромат и изысканный вкус.

    Svetlana (10/27/2016)
    this is favorite afternoon tea for my husband and me. Being an oolong, it has iore depth and body than many green teas. itīs sweet, bitter, mossy, nutty nad has a rich bronzey-green color. If you need some caffeine it can stand to be brewed quite strong.

    Uzi (8/20/2016)
    Good oolong tea. A little sweet. The tea leaves swell up bigger than I expected when I put the hot water in. But really good tasting tea.

    Tarik (6/3/2015)
    Rich and warm taste, gives your mind firmness and serenity and relaxation for your body

    Maria (4/27/2015)
    My favourite oolong. This tea is perfect at TeaSpring.

    Pawel (2/10/2015)
    Good oolong tea. A little sweet. The tea leaves swell up bigger than I expected when I put the hot water in. But really good tasting tea.

    Tarik (1/12/2015)
    2014 Spring harvest. Tightly curled leaves expand in steeping to full stems and leaves, a joy to show my friends. Soup is greenish yellow, mostly clear, and has a freshly cut grass smell that barely carries the flavor top note. Body is full and flavor leans more toward buttery sweetness.

    Tim (12/8/2014)
    Many Thanks TeaSpring, I am enjoying this Dong Ding Oolong so much I had to write about it. Looking for an extra lift this morning. So I brewed a strong cup steeping the leaves in right in my cup. I am surprised by a rich buttery mouth feel with flavor like buttered popcorn. These rich attributes riding on top of the wonderful fruit that lingered to finish like the aftertaste of a tart green grape. Unique...AMAZING.

    keith (11/3/2014)
    Good oolong tea. A little sweet. The tea leaves swell up bigger than I expected when I put the hot water in. But really good tasting tea.

    Tarik (10/13/2014)
    Its an ok Dong ding. Much better than last time i tried it here at teaspring.

    Thomas (6/30/2014)
    The bells are still ringing with this fantastic Oolong tea. Good to use up to four times and perfect to share with good friends who appreciate tea as much as anyone who buys their tea from

    Robin (11/25/2013)
    Заказываю этот чай во второй раз - очень интересный вкус и аромат. Понравится всем любителям улунов.

    Alena (10/31/2013)
    Замечательный чай с тонким ароматом. Коллеги по работе многие попробовали и теперь тоже покупают здесь. Для менеджеров которые сидят около компьютера целый день, очень полезный чай. :)

    Svetlana (10/3/2013)
    This tea is very light and refreshing, and has fruity aftertaste. This on is probably my 4th favorite.

    Anna (6/26/2013)
    Excellent tea. Floral aroma which fades quickly with subsequent infusions, plus sweetness with a touch of bitterness

    Joe (5/5/2013)
    I love both the smell and the taste of this tea. Only a small amount could make a delicious drink.

    Mingjie (4/28/2013)
    Без этого чая было бы скучно жить, легкий приятный аромат и несомненная польза для организма.

    Svetlana (4/4/2013)
    Несколько лет беру именно этот чай, так как после проб и ошибок понимаю, что он лучший среди оолонгов. Теперь заказываю и подруге. Тонкий аромат, приятный вкус, и польза для организма.

    Svetlana (2/21/2013)
    Без этого чая мне уже сложно жить, для женщины незаменим. Хорошо выводит лишнюю жидкость из организма, в результате нет отечности даже в жару.

    Svetlana (2/21/2013)
    Typical Taiwanese Oolong, sweet and fragrant. What could I say more? While it is not the best quality nor from real high mountain, it is far above the quality of the many teas sold here. A must for those who are into the whole Taiwanese oolong thing. I am picky(as you may see from my reviews), and I hate low quality vegetable-ish Taiwanese oolong, but I loved this.

    Sak (10/1/2012)
    An okay oolong, I have had better. Not really fit for multiple brewings

    Neil (10/1/2012)
    Light, refreshing and fragrant. Delicate, flowery aroma. Pleasant.

    andreina (9/20/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    Tea has a delicate aroma, taste a bit rough, but the excellent aftertaste

    D (8/21/2012)
    Other than a long shipping time (products actually ship from Hong Kong), this tea is lovely and fragrant!

    Caroline (7/19/2012)
    Great Oolong! Itīs a very fragrant and sweet tea. It lasts for many brews (I get around 5, depending on how much tea I use), and has a lingering aftertaste. My favorite Oolong so far!

    Erikson (7/17/2012)
    The best part of this tea is its fragrance. Beautiful! Itīs taste is also very nice, but doesnīt exactly stand out from other Taiwanese fruity oolongs.

    Matthew (5/4/2012)
    fruity and sweet taste. has become another one of my favorites. similar to Jade Tie Guan Yin.

    Cory (5/2/2012)
    A very good example of a delicious, lightly-oxidized oolong. Itīs always a pleasure to watch the compact bundles of leaves slowly unfurl.

    James (4/26/2012)
    Very poor oolong. Bitter, no sweetness I could taste, and no discernible taste whatsoever after the third brew.

    Reed (4/20/2012)
    For the batch received, a matter of preference rather than rating

    Alvin (4/15/2012)
    Отличный чай! Очень помогает восстановится после тренировок!

    Ilua (4/4/2012)
    Чай весьма хороший, но хуже, чем в прошлом году, аромат менее крепкий и стойкий в этот раз. Вливания 2-3 выдерживает, а раньше и до 5 можно было заваривать. Но, тем не менее, чай очень вкусный, один из любимых, пьется на постоянной основе.

    Olga (3/28/2012)
    I have shared this tea with many fellow tea drinker and always receive great feedback. I usually brew 2-3 infusions and it holds up well. Second infusion is my favorite.

    Robert (2/15/2012)
    First time I tried dong ding, it was very good! will buy again this tea.

    Anton (2/10/2012)
    This is my third purchase of this tea. I love the second and third infusions.

    Robert (1/20/2012)
    Excellent tea,nice and special flavor.This is one of my favorite teas.

    Adrian (1/9/2012)
    Замечательный представитель семейства улунов! Вкус и аромат очень яркие, запоминающиеся. Интресно сочетание с молоком.

    Alena (12/28/2011)
    Один из любимых улунов, вкус насыщенный, ароматный. Спасибо, буду брать еще.

    Olga (12/11/2011)
    this is my second order of dong ding and i will order again next year

    mark (11/18/2011)
    it is a good dong ding oolong from taiwan. strong, fragrance, and creamy

    Susany (10/23/2011)
    Nice fruity/honey-like fragrance with a sweet and light taste profile. Provides around 5 to 6 good infusions. Unfortunately, I find this particular Dong Ding Oolong tea too light and simple. Although this Dong Ding oolong was good, I have had better Taiwanese oolongs.

    Kei (10/14/2011)
    Iīve been drinking Oolong tea for about 6 months now and this is one of my favorites. I donīt have a bunch of fancy words to describe the flavor of this tea but I will say itīs awesome and you will not be disappointed. I had a nice subtle honey flavor yet not too sweet. A nice vegetal taste and a beautiful golden yellowish color. The leaves had a nice dark shade of green and looked to be of very high quality. This was my first time ordering from teaspring and I purchased this tea and the Jade oolong and these are now my two favorites. I tried ordering from other companies and trying a variety of oolongs, mostly taiwanese high mountain type oolongs. The teas I have ordered from teaspring are the highest quality I have found yet, and no, I donīt work here. I only bought 50 grams of this tea so I could try it out. I just put in an order for 200 more of each (and a pu-erh) so I donīt run out before this batch does. (of both this and the Jade oolong)

    David (10/5/2011)
    Very good tea .Good for many infusions.Ill buy more next time for sure. Thank You

    Slava ZM (8/19/2011)
    Very nice Dong Ding! Great aroma and a very pure taste. Im very happy with it and will definitely buy more!

    Olof (7/30/2011)
    A fragrant oolong. This Dong Ding is good, but the flavor doesnīt seem to be as distinct as in past years. Still, always makes a good cup.

    James (7/10/2011)
    Excellent tea, has delicate pleasant aroma. I drink this tea many years, well clears an organism. It very much is pleasant to me.

    Svetlana (6/24/2011)
    Excellent tea, has delicate pleasant aroma. I drink this tea many years, well clears an organism. It very much is pleasant to me.

    Svetlana (6/24/2011)
    Excellent tea, has delicate pleasant aroma. I drink this tea many years, well clears an organism. It very much is pleasant to me.

    Svetlana (6/24/2011)
    This is the second dong ding I tried and this is the better one. I recommend this tea to everyone.

    Max (6/10/2011)
    Really hard to rate these high quality oolongs. The Dong Ding is a really special one. My fellows at yiwutang call it to "the roast meat tea", because of its warm fragrance and characterized taste. It deserves even 8-10 infusions. The more infusions make its lightly bitter taste the milder. Great oolong, I have ordered it second time. Gives power for practicing gongfu.

    Laszlo (6/2/2011)
    This tea should be called Ding Dong as it has had my taste bud bells ringing since I opened it and made my first pot. Beautiful! Tea Spring does it again!

    Robin (5/5/2011)
    One of the best oolongs iīve tasted. it is a regular on my shopping list

    Cory (1/31/2011)
    Light, perfumed, fragrant. Excellent example of Taiwanese TKY. Green, refreshing and fragrant.

    Lawrence (1/31/2011)
    Reminiscent of Tie Guan Yin, good for many infusions. Good body, vegetal flavors with some sweetness.

    Philip (1/28/2011)
    A consistently fresh and refreshing cup. Iīve gravitated toward this light oolong over the past year or so. If you are new to oolong -- or tea in general -- I would recommend giving this a shot, as the leaves are quite forgiving and the aroma and flavor are wonderful.

    James (1/18/2011)
    This has become one of my favorite oolongs, and in my opinion one of the best of the lighter-oxidized.

    James (1/11/2011)
    A lovely light and sweet Taiwanese oolong! I will buy more of this.

    Terje (11/30/2010)
    Delicious tea, I have not been able to buy the same quality.

    Dmitry (11/1/2010)
    A very nice oolong. I have shared this with my family multiple times and they all love it despite not being tea drinkers at all. I highly recommend it as the price is a bargain for what you get.

    Trevor (10/20/2010)
    fruity and sweet taste. has become another one of my favorites. similar to Jade Tie Guan Yin.

    Cory (9/12/2010)
    My favorite everyday oolong. Beautiful big leaves once steeped.

    Milan (8/27/2010)
    12 oz water 4g tea Tea was tightly rolled and expanded nicely to full leaves. Leaves are fairly green and somewhat smooth. Steeps to a light yellow. Aroma is light. I’ve smelled this before but can’t really pin down the aroma, maybe its “nutty.” Taste is light, not at all bitter, and subtle. This is a bit green in flavor too. Gonna start it a bit under the jade tie guan yin, from teaspring as well, in my rating and see how it goes from there.

    joseph (7/7/2010)
    Rich aroma, rich flavor, complex body; defiantly a visually appealing mountain oolong.

    Christopher (7/5/2010)
    I like this one the best of the two that I ordered. Iīll probably never go back to regular tea again and Iīll definately order more from Tea Spring.

    david (4/23/2010)
    tea is good i enjoy the taste and aroma of this tea.

    rajesh (4/18/2010)
    Thank You i have receive the tea as i order to tea i am very satisfied and like very much this tea...dong ding oolong the smell is great and itīs taste delicious also sweet.

    Tonny (4/5/2010)
    Excellent quality tea; very good perfume, light jade color.

    Lawrence (3/30/2010)
    wonderful aroma and aftertaste. One of my favorite oolongs.

    William (2/18/2010)
    There are many fine Taiwan oolongs available, this is no one of them.

    Christopher (10/31/2009)
    hm.... i donīt really like this very much. not my type really. Oolong kaoshan is much better than dong ding oolong.

    Budy (10/6/2009)
    Nice aroma. Smooth full taste. One of my favorite oolongs.

    William (10/2/2009)
    I started with green teas, but Iīm certainly becoming a oolong fan. This Dong Ding is simply marvelous! The tea leaves donīt smell all that great, but just after you add hot water... What a aroma! Really good, flowery aroma, beatiful light orange color, and it leaves a really sweet aftertaste! If you like Oolong, you must taste this!

    Erikson (9/29/2009)
    The dry leaves are amazing but the tea itself is average

    Ryan (9/24/2009)
    This is a very aromatic and delicious tea. I highly recommend this tea to anyone who likes oolong tea.

    Hwa Long (9/15/2009)
    This oolong brews into a pleasant nutty flavor reminiscent of a quality green. A really nice tea and an excellent value.

    Jeff (4/23/2009)
    Very nice, itīs sweet, itīs floral, and unoffensive.

    Daniel (4/9/2009)
    very good dond dong oolong with a classic Taiwan High mountain taste profile. Very sweet, floral with some nice fruit notes

    Sergio (4/4/2009)
    Good dong ding oolong. Has a nice smell and aftertaste.

    William (3/17/2009)
    С этого чая надо начинать, чтобы узнать что такое хороший чай вообще!

    Sergey (3/10/2009)
    this oolong is awesome but dont over steep it this tea is great i would buy it again.

    Robert (2/22/2009)
    Itīs really fresh, with mild aroma. Itīs very refreshing

    Alexander (2/12/2009)
    Wonderful soybean aroma and very silky, smooth finish. A great value, that I will buy again

    Matthew (2/5/2009)
    It is a great introduction to the world of taiwanese oolong, it is composed of two or more leaves on a twig, rolled into ball shape, so it is heavy, and the leaves are soft, so I started 30 sec. infusion in a 120cc gaiwan, the taste is like peaches with some seaweed, the later I meant in a good sense, in a mild way, it is more fruity and less flowery than TGY, great value for low price, well worth trying out.

    Nagy (2/4/2009)
    I ordered this tea again, and it impressed me as much as the last time round. I discovered that it can be brewed to a much lower strength than TGY and still be enjoyable (though very different from a stronger brew).

    Slava (1/10/2009)
    The finest tea with the flowery and fruity notes. Great aroma. Delicious.

    Andrey (1/9/2009)
    This was my first time with Dong Ding and its my new favorite! Sooo good!!

    melissa (1/9/2009)
    I donīt find this tea to meet the description - even when following this siteīs exact brewing parameters. Although I donīt dislike this tea, I find the flavor profile to be more vegetal than fruity. The lighter notes are spinach and green vegetables. I have given this tea many chances to show me its flair, and I have yet to find it.

    Shaun (1/6/2009)
    good oolong with excellent fruty notes asociated to taiwan oolongs. very recomendable for a change from the chinese green oolong varieties wich tend to be more floral and aromatic, but les fruty

    Sergio (12/6/2008)
    Another thing I like about this tea is that it really stands up well in larger mugs.

    Scott (11/21/2008)
    This is a great robust tea from Taiwan. I lived iin Tawan for 8 years so it brings me back to the many afternoons sitting in my living room drinking lauren cha. I think this tea is of excellent quality and has some nutty undertones.

    Scott (11/21/2008)
    I like this oolong tea very much. It is refreshing and sweet.

    Beady (11/15/2008)
    This is a nice tasting and very drinkable oolong. The 3rd and 4th infusion are my favorite, slightly fruity and quite pleasant.

    Zenobie (11/4/2008)
    Ok, but not a particular good dong ding. A little harsh from what im used to with a dong ding.

    Thomas (10/25/2008)
    this tea taste look and look good very enjoying tea

    Seng (10/16/2008)
    This was my first experience with this tea (I am a Tie Guan Yin fan), and I will certainly be ordering it again. It is near the green end of the oolong spectrum but the flavour is quite deep: the overall experience is similar to the “mouthful” feel one gets from the second and third infusions of TGY but amplified, if less refined. The dry leaves are very compressed – something to bear in mind if you are measuring your tea by volume rather than by weight.

    Slava (10/16/2008)
    Excellent aroma and taste. One of my favorite oolongs.

    William (10/11/2008)
    beautiful blues and greens unfold in the pot. capable of six or seven infusions. has floral overtones with a full-bodied richness. pleases multiple senses.

    James (9/28/2008)
    this is my first taiwan green wu long... not as strong/floral/fruity as i expected based on others experiences... still a great tea... the antithesis of a DHP. suddle, not in your face. great service as well teaspring, thanks!

    Robert (9/20/2008)
    Very nice tea, reminds me of a mix between TGY and a long jin, the sweet taste from the TGY and the smoothness of the long jin.

    Jesper (9/13/2008)
    Very appetizing and fragrant tea. Lush, dewy, almost melon like fragrance. Recommended.

    Chad (8/7/2008)
    One of the best Oolong I have tried. My second order in on the way.

    Joan (7/28/2008)
    Delicate, harmonious tea. Many infusions are possible.

    Jana (7/12/2008)
    Like other Taiwaness high mountain Oolong, nice big leaves, good bright colour & very fresh too. Iīve brewed it "Kung-Fu" style in a small zisha pot & got 5-6 infusions most times. Good liquor - with flavour like water-cress soup.

    George (7/4/2008)
    Best Tea I have had. I could not find this anywhere in the US but the shipping is so fast no need to find a local source.

    Ron (7/1/2008)
    This is by far my mos favorite tea. Thanks again for the fast delivery

    Ron (7/1/2008)
    I have really enjoyed this tea, especially when I learned that is only gets better as you continue to brew (3-5 times). I will definately buy this again.

    Robert (6/19/2008)
    Very fresh and lightly oxidized. Wonderful floral nose and a slightly grassy sweetness plus notes of pitted fruits on the palate.

    Kim (6/8/2008)
    Nice big and healthy leaves. Long lasting sweet after taste. I like it very much.

    Milan (5/20/2008)
    A very pleasant light oolong. Very green! It yields many steeps, getting nicely sweet around the 3rd or 4th infusion.

    Dave (5/14/2008)
    Not like the Dong-Ding Oolong tea I ever tasted in Taiwan. Taste like Bi-Lo-Chun green tea. Too light!

    CHONGCHEN (5/11/2008)
    I ordered this tea after reading all the reviews, but it was not quite what I expected. I liked "Huang Jin Gui" tea better.

    Richard (5/10/2008)
    Just one word, superb. After 5 infusions still going strong. The aroma is just wonderful. I will order more for sure.

    Peter (5/7/2008)
    This didnīt live up to the many positive reviews that influenced me to try it. It is just ok for me. Doesnīt have that special quality as a jade tie guan yin ...

    Joseph (5/4/2008)
    Excellent tea. Brewed 7 good infusions! Will buy again.

    William (4/30/2008)
    Tea time Friday evening. On the third infusion of this oolong experience. Very giving. Green tea flavor. Beautiful tea. Stays on my favorite list.

    Andreas (4/25/2008)
    A light-bodied incarnation of barely-fired Taiwanese oolong. A pretty yellow liquor with an aroma of flowers and melons. Lovely classic pouchong flavors on a more delicate frame. I look forward to brewing it up to its full potential. This grew on me with each cup.

    Claud (4/9/2008)
    For the price this is an awesome Oolong. Itīs closer to a green then black and is one of the best teas I have tasted. I would be happy to give this to me guests.

    Peter (3/31/2008)
    Lovely and fragrant tea, a little goes a long way. Iīm on my second order.

    Mai (3/2/2008)
    I’m relatively new to tea so I’m no expert, but I do know what I like and I really like this tea. Excellent and affordable!

    Joseph (2/19/2008)
    Awesome oolong. A little pricey to be my every-day tea, but maybe my every-other-day tea. :) Definitely one of the best oolongs I’ve tried.

    Dave (2/8/2008)
    This is my favourite Oorlong and secoond shipment. A magnificent tea well worth trying

    Rod (1/14/2008)
    I love this tea. I found the description of this tea was very accurate. Amazing fragrance and sweet lingering taste. Excellent

    William (1/7/2008)
    Very nice oolong tea with a deep, rich flavour. Long-lasting aftertaste.

    Eugene (1/3/2008)
    Really wonderful tea with robust tastes. Love this tea. Evelyn

    Evelyn (12/11/2007)
    good oolong, extremely fruty, and very sweet. very good price also

    Sergio (12/9/2007)
    Good stuff. I usually prefer lighter oxidized Taiwanese oolongs though.

    JT (11/23/2007)
    This tea is absolutely Divine!! The floural scent vapored into the air as I opened my gai wan with the first steep. With every sip I took, it soothed my mind and just made my taste bud so happy. A little goes a long way, the tea leaves would expand greatly, and the flavor lasts for many infusions. Definitely my favorite!

    Melody (11/19/2007)
    Long lasting flavour with a hint of fruitiness. I tried 4 infusions and they were all very good.

    Jana (11/18/2007)
    Excellent tea. Interesting complex taste and aroma of flower pollen. Strongly recommended to all who like oolongs.

    Denis (11/16/2007)
    Very refreshing, light tea which gives a deceiving sweet scent, but doesn’t actually taste sweet at all. A delight to drink anytime of the day.

    Lauren (9/8/2007)
    I Infused the tea at 95 degrees C. Clear bright light yellow green liquor. The aroma was a creamy subtle peach which followed through on the taste. The aftertaste leaves a sweetness in the mouth which is very pleasant and refreshing and lingers for a considerable period after drinking. Definately, in my opinion, one of the better Oorlong’s

    Rod (8/28/2007)
    I was surprised by this tea, very peachy. I enjoyed it, but I dont think its one of my favorites. The first time I gong gu-ed it, it was too astringent, very sharp finish, but I just decreased the steeping time a big and it mellowed out wonderfully.

    Alex (8/25/2007)
    Excellent Taiwan oolong tea. Not expensive with good quality and lingering taste.

    CHONGCHEN (7/13/2007)
    This tea is sweet and fruity. It is very refreshing to me after a long day’s work.

    Wei (6/20/2007)
    Multileveled taste/aroma, emerging new tones throug every new brewing.

    Armandas (5/3/2007)
    Very good but not out of this world Dong Ding Oolong

    Christian (4/30/2007)
    To my tastes this is an excellent tea. I drink it daily and always enjoy it. Bill 2/24/2007

    William (2/26/2007)
    A good tea, but much more vegetal tasting than I expected. I prefer my oolong teas to taste a little more fermented-- for those who like their oolongs a little more green, this would be very good.

    Mary (2/23/2007)
    A satisfying oolong tea, but not quite as fragrant as some of the best Formosa green oolongs.

    David (1/22/2007)
    Sweet and floral Formosan oolong with a great pricetag. Very nice.

    JOHN (1/7/2007)
    I made a pot at work, and we all loved it. The taste is delicate and soothing, with a flowery fragrance, and pale color. It’s made from tiny whole leaves - try this in a clear pot so you can watch them unfold!

    Laila (11/12/2006)

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