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  Teaware (Others)
For centuries, Chinese tea has been brewed in small Yixing teapots or in bowl-shaped cups called Gaiwan. Some tea connoisseurs reputedly use different pots for different types of tea as this is said to draw out the best flavor of the tea. Heighten your experience with these teaware.
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  Teaware (Others)
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    Easy Pot
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    Easy Pot
    (rating: 5 out of 5)
    Easy Pot
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    after a few years i broke my first easy pot, but ordered another immediately - along with long jing, mao feng and some oolong - all my other teaware stays out of the way when my easy pot comes out.

    Andreas (3/3/2010)
    What an excellent little pot! Highly recommended. Itīs very easy to use and clean.

    Keith (9/17/2009)
    I love this super-easy little pot! It makes tea-making a simple process...and it produces just enough for one person. On the other hand, the MOST you can get out of this at once is about 3/4 of a cup, because thatīs all that will fit in the upper portion of the pot...at least with a tea like oolong where youīre using a larger proportion of leaves. A slightly larger capacity would be nice but the amount it produced for me was satisfying, so itīs not a serious complaint.

    Krista (9/4/2009)
    The magnificent tool for tea tea leaves at office and houses when laziness to make duly. Allows at office without a superfluous dirt repeatedly to make tea.

    Alexey (1/27/2009)
    This is a great and very efficient little tea pot. 200ml of perfect tea with each infusion, no mess. The efficiency of this tea pot allows me to enjoy some of the fine teas here at TeaSpring without feeling I am wasting a single leaf when I am enjoying tea by myself. The insert is made of a hard plastic with a convex metal mesh, the tea is released when pulling lightly on the insert. Enjoy the tea and infuse again.

    Andreas (4/18/2008)

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