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  Chinese Herbal Tea
Looking for a caffeine-free alternative? Try Chinese Herbal tea. Chinese Herbal tea contains herbal tisanes formulated to taste delicious and refreshing while helping to keep your mind relaxed and body rejuvenated.
  Chinese Herbal Tea
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    Gingko Tea
    Gingko Tea
    (rating: 4.1 out of 5)
      Gingko Tea
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    Dry scent is identical to that of dulce sea vegetable. I found 2.5 minutes was too long for the first steeping, comes out bitter, but vegetal, and sweet. Will drink it for the health benefits, but itll take some time to figure out timing and temperature to make this tea enjoyable.

    Artem (12/21/2011)
    This tea has an unique flavor which is not my cup of tea. The flavor is too strong and a little strange.

    Michelle (12/20/2011)
    I find it refreshing and light. Has light herbal flavor.

    Darja (9/26/2011)
    my plesure is to rate this tea as excellent. very good as accompaniment to green teas.

    kseniya (4/16/2011)
    too bitter taste. if added in a small ammount to any tea, gingko gives slightly sweet aftertaste. refreshes and purifyies mind. nice!

    kseniya (3/12/2011)
    Not a fan of this tea. Ill grant that the aroma is intoxicating, but the flavor is not to my liking. I dont want to say this is a bad herbal -- the leaves were of fine quality and endured multiple steepings. However, I wont be drinking this one for pleasure.

    James (1/20/2011)
    I didnt like its taste.Its better to add a little amount of this herb to another tea than drink it as is.

    Pavel (1/6/2011)
    Interesting taste of this tea. I have more energy after drinking this tea and seems my brain working better.

    olga (7/28/2010)
    Cant tell for sure if Ive been the recipient of mental clarity from my tea consumption but Ill keep in tune to the possibilities. Thanks, Carol Ring

    Carol (7/23/2010)
    This tea is very pleasing. It has a nutty kind of taste that I enjoy. I really like. Great to start your day

    costel (5/3/2010)
    Acest ceai este foarte bun,revigorant pentru minte si suflet.Multumesc

    costel (2/22/2010)
    I enjoy this tea although be warned that it does have a strong flavor.

    Mitchell (11/22/2009)
    This tea is very pleasing. It has a nutty kind of taste that I enjoy. I really like. Great to start your day

    costel (10/19/2009)
    I love this tea. Its very smooth, clean taste. Refreshing.

    Miljenko (2/16/2009)
    inedible. better buy some capsules - tastes really awful.

    Christian (8/7/2008)
    This is a great tea to enjoy on a daily basis. I have a cup every morning before work. You just feel good after your daily dose.

    Daniel (3/3/2008)
    This tea tastes like my front lawn. Im thinking I didnt brew it correctly.

    Vincent (11/1/2007)
    Gave it out as a gift and it was very welcomed. The freshness and well packaged tea form Tea Spring is always a great gift idea and good for keeping for your slelf too.

    James (9/10/2007)
    Tastes like a milder type of kuding. Quite woody, no sweetness, although tastes better when brewed with chrysantheum. I have been drinking this tea for a couple of weeks, and already it feels like my mind is clearer.

    Lauren (9/5/2007)
    intresting tea bitter but not as much as kuding i did feel very relaxed in the afternoon after drinking for the 1st time

    william (4/4/2007)
    Very pleasant tea. Good tea to drink daily. Will definitely purchase more.

    Angele (3/29/2007)
    I add this tea 50/50 with Osmanthus flower to make a great refreshing day or evening drink. Even brewing the Gingko alone I found enjoyable.

    eric (3/22/2007)
    Great to start your day. Not recommended for people who tend to get headaches, since its very stimulant.

    Cynthia (3/4/2007)
    Taste is not to be desired, but you cant get past the clarifying qualities of this tea. I like it with a little jasmine to offset the strong earthiness.

    Alex (2/23/2007)
    this is a pleasent herbal tea, i enjoyed it knowing and feeling the health benefits of it.

    john (2/7/2007)
    Nutty. This is my new favorite to enjoy before a long day of classes. It easily blends with my other favorites. At first, I was curious how it would taste, but Im glad I bought it. Will buy more.

    christina (1/28/2007)
    agree with the nutty notes and the sweet aftertaste

    Michael (9/21/2006)
    This tea is very pleasing. It has a nutty kind of taste that I enjoy but what I really like is the calm state of mind that comes from drinking it. Ive been drinking it for a while now, a couple of times per day, and I really believe that this tea strengthens the mind.

    Erik (5/1/2006)
    I enjoyed this tea. Its very smooth, clean taste.

    Kamela (1/19/2006)

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