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  Chinese Black Tea
Tastes thick and robust. Tea connoisseurs appreciate Chinese Black tea as a beverage with various purifying qualities. Chinese Black tea blends easily with other flavors to create a rich and exquisite taste. Regular consumption of Chinese Black tea can reduce risk of stroke.
  Chinese Black Tea
  • 1979 Series Keemun Black Tea   
  • Bai Lin Jin Zhen  
  • Bi Luo Chun Hong Cha  
  • Keemun  
  • Keemun Hao Ya A  
  • Keemun Mao Feng  
  • Keemun Xian Zhen  
  • Lapsang Souchong  (3 types)
  • Rose Keemun  
  • Sichuan Gongfu  
  • Tan Yang Jing Zhi  
  • Tan Yang Te Ji  
  • Yi Hong Jing Pin A  
  • Ying De Hong  
  • Yunnan Gold  
  • Yunnan Pure Gold  
  • Zhu Hai Jin Ming  
    Keemun Xian Zhen
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    Keemun Xian Zhen
    (rating: 4.8 out of 5)
      Keemun Xian Zhen
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    wow delightful aroma taste and color... delicate little leaves unfurl a scrumptious brew. To be accurate as to my determination, I sweeten black, oolong teas and donīt sweeten green and white teas. That being said I do like to temper the flavor of black tea with organic sugar but I recently bought stevia extract, organic stevia, vegetable glycerin and deionized water, it compliments a bitter sweet dynamic of black teas in my opinion. 5 drops of extract is not too sweet but to each their own.

    raymond (12/4/2022)
    Una riscoperta! līho provato diversi anni fa ma avevo dimenticato quanto fosse speciale costa un pō di pių ma ne sarete soddisfatti. Un aroma caldo morbidissimo . eccellente

    Tommaso (4/2/2021)
    This keemun isnīt so much better than the more economical Keeman Mao Feng. I donīt think itīs worth the extra price.

    Uzi (2/3/2020)
    č un keemun di alta classe. lo riservo per momenti di grande calma per gustarmelo a pieno.

    Tommaso (2/27/2019)
    Keemun Xian Zhen black tea, is my first experience with black teas, but I find the taste very soothing, not bitter at all, no need for sweetener or cream. The after effect is very relaxing, with a slight hint of chocolate after taste. A very mild and warm aroma. One I will definitely buy again in the future! Well done!

    Ed (2/8/2018)
    continuo a ricomprarlo e sono sempre soddisfatto, č nel genere fra i te che preferisco.

    Tommaso (12/20/2017)
    Shipped quickly, and very smooth tasting. Will be buying more in future.

    Bradley (9/11/2017)
    ottimo tea dal gusto profondo caldo, aroma complesso. ottimo prodotto.

    Tommaso (7/7/2017)
    while this tea is as good as the Keemun Mao Feng, Iīm deducting a star because of the price. I didnīt find it anything like twice as good and it costs twice as much!

    Uzi (1/19/2017)
    So good I re-ordered this one!!! Beautiful, delicate leaves. Super smooothh black tea. A tiny bit of sweet smoke. Liquor has a hot chocolate scent. Bourbon ball flavor. Delicious, soothing, good.

    Lee (2/21/2015)
    Amazing!!!! Tiniest of leaves, all uniform, much respect to the work that went into this tea. Flavor is sooooooo good.

    Lee (12/18/2014)
    Wonderful tasting black tea. No need to add milk. Condition of tea is excellent.

    Ben (5/13/2013)
    Excellent Black tea. Different from the Mao Feng. Mao Feng has a sweeter mouth feel. This one is much more complex in the mouth and nose. Definitely worth trying. 2 thumbs up.

    Donald (3/13/2013)
    Delicious, superb, very rich, rounded with no bitterness every time I get this tea. The best black tea Iīve ever tasted (I donīt usually like black teas due to their bitterness and harshness, but this is the exception). Exceptional.

    Matthew (2/20/2013)
    My very first Keemun tea. I do not have much to compare it with. The taste is smooth, nutty and refreshing. The scent and flavor actually reminds me of american dip tobacco. I mean that in a good way. It is simply the first flavor that comes to mind. Probably wouldnīt drink daily on account of the price. High quality product nevertheless.

    Andres (1/26/2013)
    This is a review of the 2012 crop. Just like the 2011 crop, it was excellent, and the best black tea I have ever tasted. None of the overdone flavour (most obviously in lapsang souchong but also in many black teas) that black teas often have.

    Matthew (8/21/2012)
    Excellent Keemun. A big, rich, earthy nose, evident the moment you open the bag. And a balanced, dark and nuanced flavour. Neither as astringent nor as strong as some Keemuns. If you prefer your Keemun with milk, pick another Keemun - it would be a total waste of the quality of this tea. This yearīs crop is as good or better than last yearīs, and even though it is quite expensive, Iīve ordered twice as much as last year. This makes a lovely afternoon tea when you can take the time to appreciate it. A favourite.

    Charlie (7/25/2012)
    Outstanding. The best black tea Iīve ever tasted and usually Iīm not a fan of black tea. Strong and delicious, with no bitterness. Very unique amongst black teas. Highly recommended.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    Excellent Keemun. Rich, earthy nose, and a balanced flavour. Not as strong as some Keemuns, this doesnīt need milk, though it should stand up to milk fine. This is a very pricy Keemun, and not likely to be my every day breakfast tea, but a lovely afternoon treat? Definitely.

    Charlie (1/31/2012)
    Good tea but I feel inferior to the Mao Feng variety also carried by this vendor. Aroma is superb but lacks the depth of the other variety.

    Gerard (1/10/2012)
    To be honest, I prefer my Keemuns to be a bit stronger and more forceful. This was good, but a little too well-mannered for me.

    anon (12/17/2011)
    One word - WOW! This black tea had a wonderful and STRONG aroma and the taste was so smooth. One of the best black teas Iīve had. I also ordered Da Hong Pao, but have yet to try it. Will do a review on that later.

    Yi (6/15/2011)
    A wonderful tea, smooth and delightful, as good as a keemun gets

    Dave (11/7/2010)
    I tend to prefer green and yellow tea so my knowledge on blacks would not be as great as others here. that being said this is the finest Keemun ive ever haid. The flavor is extrmely strong and fresh, very tightly focused fruity flavors. beautiful tea and a must for any tea fan

    Dorian (8/31/2010)
    Decent black tea, not bitter or offensive in any way, nothing out of the ordinary

    Daniel (6/18/2010)
    In this tea, there are flowers, fruits, chocolate... all in harmony! it is very good

    Ricardo (5/13/2010)
    Extraordinary and superlative keemun tea. This I will buy again before I run out of this order.

    Christopher (10/31/2009)
    Keemun Xian Zhen is a pleasant black tea, not too bold but has character; exactly what I was hoping for.

    Rachelle (4/28/2009)
    This is a lovely keemun tea, it is both complex and clean. It is not too tannic and likes a long brewing. It is a special occasion tea and will impress your visitors providing you donīt allow them to add milk. One must be a tyrant from time to time.

    Elizabeth (6/9/2008)
    The most refined black tea I have tried. Very delicate and balanced flavour.

    Tommaso (6/3/2008)

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