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  Chinese Herbal Tea
Looking for a caffeine-free alternative? Try Chinese Herbal tea. Chinese Herbal tea contains herbal tisanes formulated to taste delicious and refreshing while helping to keep your mind relaxed and body rejuvenated.
  Chinese Herbal Tea
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    andrew (4/28/2017)
    Wonderful tea so soothing to mind and body. Great quality of flowers.

    Peter (11/8/2015)
    Very Unique taste. Outstanding!!!Never try anything like this.

    Eugene (8/29/2015)
    When I opened the bag for the first time I was blown away at the huge and fresh sent of Lavender that filled the air around me. I wanted everyone to smell it. Very fresh and very strong. I blended it with some white tea I had and now everyone wants it. If you like lavender this is a must have!

    Ben (7/27/2015)
    I was very surprised with this tea. Delicate & great to have before retiring. Completely relaxing. Great fragrance

    Alice (9/19/2014)
    Excellent quality lavender. Very soporific (more so than chamomile); in fact, itīs a little too soporific for me--more like a drugged sleep. Other peoplesī reactions may differ. I do find that heavy induced sleep to be excellent if Iīve come down with a migraine, where chamomile is not strong enough to put me to sleep with a migraine.

    Jessie (8/14/2014)
    very good to mix with other herbs, nice aroma as well.

    Shehzad (6/27/2014)
    The Lavender product is one of the better ones I have found from any other place. Very fresh and in perfect condition.

    James (9/4/2007)
    I just love the full aroma this tea has. Brewed a big pot ful, put it into a plastic contaniner and added water to it. The tast great, also add this to my green tea and it makes for a great tasting tea as well. I would buy this tea again. Phyllis

    Phyllis (4/29/2007)
    Relaxing tea, but very perfumey. Nice in baths too.

    Angele (3/29/2007)
    Really nice and relaxing. You can also make "lavender lemonade" with it for picnics and other outdoor parties.

    Cynthia (3/11/2007)
    very powerful taste and smell you dont need alot of tis tea as it stays strong

    john (2/23/2007)
    doesnít suit for drinking

    Michael (11/25/2006)
    Shipping took a little longer than expected, but very satisfied with the product.

    Melissa (11/22/2006)
    Hard to get the right flavor out. sometimes a little dusty tasting..but very relaxing

    Christine (9/19/2006)
    I like mixing this with a black tea. My otherwise somewhat boring Darjeeling suddenly got a whole lot more interesting with a bit of lavender in it.

    anon (9/9/2006)
    great taste, very relaxing

    Jenni (9/9/2006)
    With its purplish pink colored liquor, lavender tea has mint-like scent and flavor on top of mild and sweet flower aroma. The flavor is light but on the sweet side. Best results were obtained with a small amount of lavender flower steeped for 5+ minutes. The flower buds float on water and they are annoying in the cup, so definitely make the tea in a pot and strain. The TeaSpring description suggests to blend with mint leaves, but I wouldnít. Itís naturally minty and Iím not sure if it benefits from extra mint. Iíd consider something on the sweet, flavorful side, such as chamomile or some mild green tea. Something very citrusy, such as myrtle may also be good if blended in a very small quantity. I think something with really bluish liquor would improve on the color as well. While Iím developing a few blends to improve on the lavender characters, I still give it solid 4 stars on its own, if prepared as above.

    Ryuji (5/30/2006)
    There isnt much to say about lavender. It tastes the way it smells, almost exactly. I do however, find it very good at relaxing my digestion and helping me to fall asleep.

    Brian (4/23/2006)
    Lavender makes a great evening hot beverage. I add a bit of raw sugar to mine. Iíve also sipped it after itís cooled off and itís very refreshing that way.

    Marta (4/5/2006)
    The herb is so strong that it is extremely fresh, fun to fix with Pu_Erh Tea.

    Chung (2/18/2006)
    I really enjoyed the lavender tea. It has such an amazing smell, and the taste is wonderful and again smooth. I gave my mother some of this tea and she enjoyed it as well.

    Kamela (1/19/2006)
    Great aroma & very soothing before bedtime - Highly reccomended!

    Tom (11/2/2005)
    This lavender tea is excellent just as I experienced in China. Add a little honey and I fee relaxed and ready for bedtime. Thank yo for this delicious treat.

    Gwen (10/28/2005)
    Herb that helps relieve stress & insomnia. I am one of the member from "insomnia club", drink before bed help to promote sleep. A personal tips to share here. Soak 2 teaspoons of lavender in a glass container and store in fridge for overnight; pour into a small spray bottle use it as your moisturizer. This natural moisturizer help to calming and soothing tired skin especially on face.

    Sherron (9/8/2005)

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