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  Chinese White and Yellow Tea
Chinese White & Yellow teas are light and delicately smooth. They are the least processed tea, undergoing just steaming and drying, leaving it close to its natural state. Recent studies have shown that these teas contains more cancer-fighting antioxidants than any other teas.
  Chinese White Tea
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    Meng Ding Huang Ya
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    Meng Ding Huang Ya
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Meng Ding Huang Ya
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    Very uniform, pointed tea leaves. Taste is somewhat grassy, reminiscent of a Japanese sencha but smoother and not as ´green.´ Taste lingers on the tongue.

    Jonathan (10/21/2018)
    it is good, amazingly sweet and refreshing with a flower after taste.

    dennis west (5/20/2018)
    I bought this tea 7 years after I first purchased it. Although I´ve tried different types in between, this one remains one of my favorite yellow tea type. Real synergy of taste and pleasure.

    Maja (6/7/2017)
    An infusion that is uniquely soft and sweet. Delicate notes of bartlett pear and white pepper engage those of caramelized fruit and leave a light, marginally acidic citrusy note in the aftertaste… Its soft, naturally sweet character makes this yellow tea nice and refreshing.

    dennis west (6/4/2017)
    The delivery was smooth and I received everything as ordered. I will review the quality of tea soon.

    david (5/4/2017)
    Very tasty tea. Excellent tasty and pleasing aroma.

    Peter (4/3/2017)
    The presentation of the bud is not as good as Jun Shan Yin Zhen, but the taste is bit stronger. Overall a good tea, smooth, bit of after taste and freshness.

    Matthew (4/20/2016)
    Excellent tea. Very satisfied with purchase. Pleasing aroma and taste.

    Frank (3/30/2016)
    Wonderful aroma, savory flavor. Excellent body and mouth feel. Delicious!

    Gerald (3/30/2016)
    My first yellow tea. Very pleasant .... have allowed to steep slightly longer than normal, with good results.

    tom (8/25/2015)
    I am very satisfied, Meng Ding Huang Ya with all its best characteristics.

    Pawel (2/10/2015)
    Meng Ding Huang Ya is that tea that has the leaves that all turn upwards when brewed - i love brewing it in a clear cup to see the spectacle. The taste is mellow with some pine-needle like aftertaste. The liquor is pale - this is the special occasion tea for sure.

    Marika (1/6/2015)
    super tea, complex taste, floral, nutty, slightly sweet. Love it!

    Ben (8/20/2014)
    At first I didn´t find it as nice as the previous years pickings, but once perfecting the timing and temperature it vastly improved (Obviously)

    Neil (6/6/2014)
    Very fine and refreshing! Subtle and sweet green tea!

    Breilloux (5/8/2014)
    For the first flush of the 2014 season, the taste was smooth and fresh, however for first flush it was just alright.

    dennis west (5/1/2014)
    Can´t say anything bad about this one, but a bit disappointed by the flavor. The aroma is very nice, but the flavor is not rich to my taste - bit dull.

    Marina (4/20/2014)
    Fantastic as usual, will definitely buy again. Great taste and aroma

    Neil (4/2/2014)
    A really nice tea, for the first couple of infusions. Then it tastes rather weak.

    Shehzad (9/20/2013)
    This tea is normally fantastic, although I don´t seem to be enjoying this batch as much as i normally do

    Neil (7/13/2013)
    Very nice tea with a much gentler profile than last year´s without losing it´s sweetness. This is one of those yellow teas that do not have smoky taste to it which makes it very enjoyable for people who do not like strong or smoky teas.

    Tay (6/29/2013)
    Very nice, as yellow tea is, but lacks the flavour and personality that it did last year. Since this sentiment of mine applies to dong ting bi luo chun and xu fu long ya I´m starting to think this year´s crop is not as good overall. Also whatever the case, the Teaspring recommended brewing time is definitely inadequate. Go for at least 2 minutes.

    Matthew (5/3/2013)
    It´s good for a yellow tea. Not really for me though. I found it lacking in depth. Glad I had the opportunity to try it though.

    Kimberley (4/30/2013)
    A superb tea with exquisite flavor, some hints of green and some of white, but then, a unique yellow. It´s out of stock as of the date of this review. Waiting impatiently for its return

    Donald (2/3/2013)
    A tea that rivals Bai Hao Yinzhen and many top white and yellow teas. In fact Huang Ya is now one of my favourite teas. Very beautiful greenish-gold appearance and light jade liquor colour. Once the tea hits the tongue, there´s an immediate sweetness that lasts and flows smoothly down the throat. It has a complex taste as well that makes it an exciting yet surprisingly smooth, sweet and subtle tea. An excellent tea indeed.

    Tay (11/27/2012)
    This is one of my favourite teas. I drink it everyday. Highly recommend!

    Neil (10/24/2012)
    Another great tea from tea springs. Great tasting tea

    Neil (8/21/2012)
    Excellent glass brewing tea IMO. Ive been drinking it by putting 4grams into a 250ml glass (with a straw) heating up and 1.2 litres of water to about 70 degrees and just topping up as i drank. Releases its flavour predictably and slowly, which is usually why bud teas are so good for the glass method. Good rounded tea taste, quite astringent later on in the session, good strong but muted flavours, slightly grassy, sweet and fresh. Spent leaves has got alot of bite and a strong parchment taste, makes me wonder if i could probably add another 500ml water to the session. There are few spring teas I have enjoyed as much as this. This is so much better than last years maroon tin Jun Shan Yin Zhen (which to me tasted truly disgusting)

    Dorian (8/11/2012)
    Seguí el consejo de alguien aquí: no calentar mucho el agua. El resultado es muy bueno. El té no es tan suave como parece de hecho siento que tiene más cuerpo que algunos verdes. El sabor es complejo, pero no amarga y deja una sensación como espesa. ¡Lo compraría de nuevo!

    Abdul (5/8/2012)
    I always think yellow tea is delicious, and this was no exception. Except this tea is surprisingly different to other yellow teas. Much nuttier in taste. Excellent, highly recommended.

    Matthew (5/4/2012)
    Still my favourite tea. Lovely nutty buttery flavours.

    Paul (4/14/2011)
    Great yellow tea! It has incredibly woodsy taste and a pleasant aroma. The color is of a thin yellow. A good tea, indeed. However this tea is really harsh in terms of high temperature... if the water is too hot you will get nothing out of it - no taste and no aroma! You must always be careful over the temperature you step the tea with! It´s increadibly easy to spoil the tea competely!

    Konstantin (7/31/2010)
    Excellent tea, but slighlty worse than last year. This time is less aromatic and tasteful, but still this is very good yellow tea.

    Paweł (7/10/2010)
    12 oz water 4g tea very light steep in color, just a tinge of yellow. Kind of has a woodsy aroma to it, very light. The flavor of the tea seemed stronger than the aroma. This tea seems to have some body to it, even though its light in color. It doesn’t feel like water. Can’t describe the flavor much on this one, but its good. Not even remotely bitter though.

    joseph (7/7/2010)
    Has a strong nutty note to the aroma. Tasting gives a lovely, yet gentle, nutty, buttery flavour, with a sweetness at the end. For me this has a better flavour than the Jun Shan Yin Zhen yellow tea. Gives 3 good washes, with each wash giving something slightly different to the flavour.

    Paul (6/22/2010)
    Wonderful tea, buttery smooth, sweet, so complex without it being offensive.

    Daniel (6/18/2010)
    I am more than satisfied with my choise of this tea. It has a full and unique sapor, with a touch of nutty and just as much as needed sweetness, combining in your sip of this remarkable tea. I would recomend it to every tea-lover who is looking for a simple way to perfection.

    Maja (6/16/2010)
    good yellow tea, the infusion really yellow, smooth with some smoky & a little bit bitter tasted

    Susany (5/11/2010)
    This was my first yellow tea. I appreciated the pale yellow of its infusion and then its smooth taste, very sweet and mellow.

    andreina (3/25/2010)
    This tea has an initial nutty taste followed by notes of lychee with an earthy undertone. Not too bitter. First time drinking this kind of tea. I usually drink more mainstream green teas so this was a refreshing change.

    Michael (12/14/2009)
    Very good, unique flavor. I will buy this product again, and I recommend it to everyone.

    Christopher (11/3/2009)
    decent, but i doubt I´ll order it again. Be careful not to over brew this though, it becomes undrinkable.

    sara (10/25/2009)
    Maybe it is not as good as famous Junshan Yin Zhen, but it is still great yellow tea. Very smooth flavour, delicate but with interesting character.

    Paweł (10/10/2009)
    Wonderful tea, buttery smooth, sweet, so complex without it being offensive.

    Daniel (8/26/2009)
    I´m very pleased by this tea and I´m sure I´ll order it again because it´s almost impossible to find a nice yellow tea in Croatia where I live.

    Anna (8/15/2009)
    Wonderful tea, buttery smooth, sweet, so complex without it being offensive.

    Daniel (6/19/2009)
    A beautiful light tea. Leaves are thin and pointed and smell suspiciously like sencha greent tea. Lacks the acidic, woody aftertaste of green tea yet retains all the flavour. If you love white tea you owe it to yourself to try this tea. M.

    Matthew (4/24/2009)
    A fresh and delicate yellow tea. Has the lovely fragrance and sweet taste associated with a white tea but also contains some mild astringent qualities of a green tea. Very nice.

    Kei (4/15/2009)
    I think the rating tells it all... Excellent! I would recommend it if you have not tried it. As I went to local stores I am so happy I found this tea and website. Thank you TeaSpring!

    Alan (4/3/2009)
    excellent yellow tea, with very present nutty notes. very beautiful yellowish tea buds. highly recomended

    Sergio (4/1/2009)
    Delicious, one of my favorites. Like a delicate green with a nutty aftertaste. However, the leaves didn´t match the picture shown...they look like green leaves, not that golden yellow shown in the picture.

    Catherine (3/26/2009)
    Wonderfully yellow leaves with an excellent flavor. Resteep superbly.

    Jonas (3/8/2009)
    Amazing mountain tea. Has an excellent taste. I highly recommend it.

    Erik (2/3/2009)
    Delicate as white tea, with a roasty taste. Mild and smoky.

    Hoover (11/14/2008)
    extraordinary delicious tea very sweet-smelling I drink after lunch and before sleep.

    Marzia (8/26/2008)
    It´s hardly a subtle observation, but this yellow tea is like a green tea but slightly more . . . yellow. This describes both the leaves and the liquid they produce. Imagine a Long Jing with a yellow tinge that brews a clear, light yellow. I found it´s best to treat this tea like a robust green tea -- it reminds me to not use high water temperature that´s more suitable for an oolong, for then the tea tastes like bitter, hot water.

    Vuong (8/9/2008)
    A exellent yellow tea not only does the taste make it #1 but the two thousand year history is pretty appealing,it takes you back to the ancient beginings of tea.

    Robert (7/23/2008)
    very good green tea. No bitterness, lightly sweet, no vegetable taste.

    Christian (6/20/2008)
    A wonderful yellow tea. Less acidic than most greens, this beauty is easy on the stomach even after several pots. Rounded haylike flavors it does well with multiple steepings.

    Kim (6/8/2008)
    Very good sweet yellow tea. Somewhere between barley sugar, wood smoke and roasted brown rice.

    Étienne (5/14/2008)
    It has a soft green teaish taste, but with an extra twist in it. Reminds me of... miso soup, I think, much like gyokuro.

    Oskar (10/29/2007)
    Plus proche d’un thé vert que d’un thé blanc. Très jolis bourgeons serrés, l’infusion est claire et rafraichissante.

    GAVRIN (10/9/2007)
    This would have to be one of the best yellow teas I have tried to date! It is sweet to taste and smooth. I didn’t experience bitterness even when overbrewing.

    David (10/6/2007)
    Everything perfect - leaves, taste, smell. Tea to enjoy and to dream.

    Armandas (8/22/2007)
    One of me favorite tea. Very fresh and enjoyable. Great test. I would reccoment to all white tea lovers.

    Alla (7/17/2007)
    my first yellow tea and i really liked it. very fresh and enjoyable. not as tricky to brew as i thought it would be.

    moon (7/4/2007)
    This is the first yellow tea I’ve tried and I found the taste wonderful

    Toni (6/8/2007)
    I never had a tea like this one before. Unique! Be sure to try this one.

    mark (5/25/2007)
    delicate but aromatic and fresh as a good yellow should be. Very high quality. This is the type of tea not well available to me except through Teaspring.

    Arthur (4/16/2007)
    OK so yellow tea can be really good. I appreciate this one. well rounded feeling in your mouth, a slippery feeling on your tongue. real roasty nut like flavour. After 4 small cups the flavour was just stuck in my mouth, like chestnuts. The freshness and resulting vital feeling is felt as well. excellent.

    Daniel (4/4/2007)
    This is a sweet, refreshing, aromatic tea. Quite good.

    Gerald (4/1/2007)
    A full taste and smooth. I enjoy it a lot.

    Ryan (3/23/2007)
    This is subtle, refreshing, uplifting tea. Great flaor.

    Gerald (3/17/2007)

    Markov (3/5/2007)
    One I return to again and again. Requires careful brewing but has an interesting flavor.

    Jennifer (1/4/2007)
    Exquisite leaves and a delicate citrusy aroma. A favorite.

    Jennifer (1/4/2007)

    GIOVANNI (9/18/2006)
    A very approachable tea that is as easy to prepare as it is to enjoy. I did not detect the grassiness from the product is more of a nice mellow sweetness infusion after infusion, remaining pretty constant. Not an overly assertive tea, but not shy, somewhere in betwwen.

    Chip (5/19/2006)
    If I classifiy green and yellow teas together. This would the be best spring tea I have tasted for this year. The leaves are uniform in shape showing care in sorting and preparing this tea by the tea farm. It is rare to find such quality tea. I would classified it as "Lotus Heart" I will show of this tea in our Qin Gethering next month in a Ching Dynast Tea Cup which I use for this tea. So for this is tea, I can start a conversation with my friends. Thanks

    Chung (4/24/2006)
    Similar to some dragonwell teas I have had. It has sweet notes along with that toasted quality found in dragonwell. A great tea, but for the price I was expecting better.

    Elliot (4/20/2006)
    As always the product is of high quality, it has a mild grassy taste and slightly sweet after taste. I would definitely reccomend it.

    Tom (12/5/2005)

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