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  Pu-erh Tea
Pu-erh is renowned for its medicinal qualities. Unlike other teas, Pu-erh's quality and taste improves with age. It's taste is often described as earthy but some very well aged Pu-erh produce cups of incredibly smooth and wonderfully complex beverage.
  Pu-erh Tea
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    Menghai Xing Xiang 93
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    Menghai Xing Xiang 93
    (rating: 4.7 out of 5)
      Menghai Xing Xiang 93
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    Among the best puerh Ive ever had, highly recommended. Brew it for 3 minutes for a strong earthy tea.

    Matthew (8/21/2012)
    This tea just keeps getting better with time this is my third purchase in four years and the improvement is unmistakable , it has become a daily ritual and I look forward to tea time , I hope you have an unlimited stockpile because I cant imagine a substitute. Mitch

    Mitchell (7/30/2012)
    Extraordinary. The best puerh I have ever tasted. Thick and earthy. Well worth it.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    This tea is the best tea in the world! So smooth and mellow. I am so glad I found it. Thank you. Denise Ricker

    Denise (12/28/2011)
    Sorry, I cant join the chorus of praise. Wonder if I got the same tea as some reviewers? All I taste is something kind of old and not very pleasant. Tried it twice. On second attempt I did not even finish my usual measure.

    Peter (12/3/2011)
    This tea is like a trip to paradise; a wonderful dream come true. It should be prescribed to all humans to enrich their lives. Denise Ricker

    Denise (9/1/2011)
    This is the best tea in the world. I cant say enough good things about it. Please never stop making Menghai Xing Xiang 93.

    Denise (9/1/2011)
    OK I looked at all the reviews before purchasing this tea thinking I was going to receive enlightenment after my first cup. Mmm not so fast, Ill be the first to admit Im no tea expert like a lot of you, but I go by what I smell and taste. First I was expecting to be overcome with fruit senses when I opened the bag, but nothing! How can this be I asked myself, so I poured out a handful and again... nothing! OK maybe a little earthy smell, but very little, I think it was more in my mind wanting to smell something. Next I brewed a cup to an oolong amber color, it was like a very weak oolong, so I added more time to get a dark amber, much better finally I could smell and taste something. I like my tea with a little agave and lemon, I know "How could you" sorry thats how I like my teas. The first sense of taste to me was woody and earthy, kinda like garden soil, then as you swallow you get the fruity tea flavor. Im trying to fall in love with this be "my favorite" but well see after the bag is gone. Im not saying its bad or even mediocre, I was just expecting something more.... "Enlightening". I have to admit I like my smokey wuyi oolongs.

    mike (4/10/2011)
    With a ripe puerh as delicious as this its easy to undersand why menghai cooked puerhs are so desired. Probably in my top top teas of all time. Which is a feat indeed as in the last two years alone Ive had close to 100 types. Beautiful beautiful tea. Im gonna be so sad when teaaprig eventually run out of this lol

    Dorian (1/14/2011)
    my favorite pu-erh , this 93 Menghai Xing Xiang is the best tea I have purchased from Teaspring the fragrance of the first to the last infusion is intoxicating and the color of the steeped brew is beautiful. it has a great smooth slightly sweet plum, apricot flavor that you wont forget. Mitch

    Mitchell (12/20/2010)
    The only puerh I have enjoyed more than this is the legendary Menghai 2003 Wild Arbor Cake. However comparing a younger sheng compressed cake to an older cooked loose is not easy as in puerh standards they are on opposite ends of the same spectrum. The one thing that does come through both of these teas is that unmistakable menghai flavour. You cant quantify it but it is tangible and highly delicious. As i say i cant compare it to that 2003 cake for many reasons, chiefly though that 2003 cake is the finest puerh i have ever tasted, in my mind it is one of the best ever made. However this is a very very nice cup of tea indeed! It has a great cooked flavour without feeling over the top, if you have ever had a cheap CNNP cooked bing you will know exactly what i mean. The brew is in many ways a good half way between that OTT cooked flavour and the fine flavour complexities you find in a sheng bing. im only on my second infusion and already writing this review! that should tell you ho great it is. There is a beautiful silky texture to this tea, also a very gentle warming on the throat, the feeling after eating spicy food, much more subtle though. I have to say anyone who has been put of cooked puerh in the past due to those awful artificially (quickly) cooked cakes should try this puerh, its elegant, and flavourful and has alot of complexity i wouldnt normally associate with a shou. For brewing i used 5g in a 250ml glass teapot first infusion i left for 10-15 seconds and discarded. waited 15 mins for leaves to start to wake up. 1-2 infusions have been 5 seconds each.

    Dorian (12/15/2010)
    Everyone should be required to drink this tea. It calms ones nerves, soothes anxiety, and makes one happy. I love this tea! Please dont ever discontinue it. Denise Ricker

    Denise (11/24/2010)
    Ive been ordering this tea from you for several years now and every time I order it, it gets better and better. It is, without question, the best tea I have ever tasted. Thanks for making such a delicious product! Denise Ricker

    Denise (7/8/2010)
    at first it is a stone flavour. it is a very good and complicate taste. but as it is strange, it is also good.

    Ricardo (5/12/2010)
    A wonderful aged pu-erh easy to drink in large quantities.

    William (2/18/2010)
    As Ive said before, this is the best tea Ive ever tasted. I am drinking a cup right now while writing this review. I can do without almost everything else, but NOT THIS TEA! Thanks again for such a wonderful product! Denise

    Denise (1/20/2010)
    This is my ever day tea. Im hooked on this favor. Ive been a Pu-earh tea drinker for over 5 years now and this has been the best I have found. Great customer service and on time delivery

    Bryon (1/17/2010)
    excellent tea! I have been a pu-erh tea drinker for many years, and have tases a wide variety of teas. By far this is the best.

    Bryon (1/17/2010)
    My 3rd time......Slrup.................. excellent.. please always have your stock, ALWAYS.........

    Budy (10/6/2009)
    Nice smooth taste lasting many many infusions. An excellent puerh.

    William (10/2/2009)
    i am new to pu-erh teas, though i have savoured the japanese twig tea kukicha all my life, which has some distant similarity to roasted pu-erhs (kukicha is also roasted & the twigs of the tea plant are harvested). this 1st pu-erh experience w/ menghai xing xiang was divine. the flavours are parallel to many brands of kukicha, only the added characteristic of the leaves harvested, too, & the slow aging process promotes much more subtle, deep, & long-lasting aspects to each cup. it truly is like variations in wine. the mossy feature of this type grows on me more & more-- i crave it every day! the tea is actually very affordable since you can make so many cups from one teaspoon. & the cleansing quality can not be compared. this is a tea every household should serve as a daily staple-- not just a treat. i have since tried a top line cake variety recently given to me by a friend raised in china, but i still prefer this kind so far. look forward to trying others soon. cheers!

    cj (8/10/2009)
    I am addicted to this tea; I cannot live without it. It is better than soft drinks, wine, champagne, etc. Please dont ever stop making it. Denise

    Denise (7/17/2009)
    I love this tea! It is so smooth and leaves no aftertaste. Thank you for such a teriffic product!

    Denise (7/17/2009)
    Nice ripe puerh with slight muddy taste. I just cant stand the smell though.

    Thomas (7/14/2009)
    This is my 2nd time ordering this tea. smooth and woody after taste

    Budy (3/10/2009)
    This Pu er tea doesnt look like from 93. i have pu er from 2000, the taste is same as mine.. smooth after taste

    Budy (2/26/2009)
    Excellent ripe puerh, slightly muddy taste but very smooth and sweet finish I could drink this tea all day.

    William (2/19/2009)
    rare taste, but cant see 15 years in the tea. Maybe done by modern receipt

    Alexey (2/16/2009)
    Amazing pu-erh: complex and harmonious, fully agreeable . Woody as expected, but really balanced, with subtle nuances.

    vincenzo (11/17/2008)
    I find this tea is quite expensive, and yet, I dont find it extraordinary in any way.

    Beady (11/15/2008)
    molto piacevole morbido e complesso il profumo, note di pesca al gusto. molto raffinato rispetto al solito gusto terroso tipico del pu-erh. il gusto varia moltissimo a seconda della dose, comunque delizioso sia in infuso leggero sia pi carico; il numero di infusioni notevole davvero tante.

    Tommaso (11/15/2008)
    This tea is not my favorite but is ok to try to see if it is good for you.

    Joseph (10/30/2008)
    What a great Pu-erh tea. It is very smooth , leaving a creamy aftertaste in the mouth. It woulkd appear to be at the perfect age for drinking. Can it still improve?

    Rod (8/21/2008)
    My first puerh seems to be the last..My taste will not acomodate with this kind of dusty tee. Still...adding brown sugar, the taste becomes "interesting".. at most! I will explore another tea area..

    Maxim (7/9/2008)
    This is the best tea I have ever experienced. Smooth and silky, leaves no aftertaste and good to the very last drop, hot or cold. I love this tea!

    Denise (5/21/2008)
    It takes a little work, but this tea offers a nice smooth Pu-erh flavor.

    Daniel (4/10/2008)
    First of all, Im kind of a pu-erh newbie, so I dont know all the right words to use. That said: I brewed this in a gaiwan. Wow, this has a really "strong" taste. It reminds me a lot of another early-90s shu Ive tried (from Serenity teashop in Portland), but this one is more complex and refined. Nicely thick and rich. Some interesting flavor notes (is this the camphor flavor that everybody talks about? Im not sure, I wouldnt know! But I like it). I got 3-4 great steeps at around 20-30 seconds each, before it started to lighten up. I increased the time to a minute or so for the next couple infusions, and it was still tasty, but without the same depth as the first 2-3 steeps. For the 7th-9th infusions, I let the leaves brew for 5-10 minutes, and the brew was quite light, but still had some good flavor. The leaves themselves were still quite thick and heart, which makes me think that there must be some more good stuff in there.. but I just couldnt squeeze it out. Nevertheless, for those first few steeps, awesome pu-erh! Worth a sample, though I cant afford to drink this every day.

    Dave (2/8/2008)
    Pu-er is indeed a special category of tea and it takes some getting used to; however, Im falling in love with it. This particular Pu-er creates a beautiful amber liquid when brewed, and the taste is very smooth and earthy. After a heavy meal, this is a wonderful tea to help calm your stomach down. It stands for several infusions. And maybe its just me, but this tea doesnt seem to have a lot of caffaine, so no worry about drinking it at night and lose your sleep. My mom is high caffaine sensitive, and she agrees with me.

    Melody (11/27/2007)
    This is a delicious tea; very smooth and leaves no aftertaste. Feels like silk going down. I highly recommend it.

    Denise (10/22/2007)
    Second time around for me - I enjoyed this pu-er so much. A great morning brew - earthy and rich. Mushroomy overtones. A mellow cup with lots of shu complexity.

    Jeanna (Shen) (10/2/2007)
    nice mello aged puerh. i like the sample size. it is a well rounded tea

    ryan (9/26/2007)
    A great cooked puerh. One of the best I have had in that age range. Lush texture, strong camphor aroma, and full body. Lasts for many many steepings.

    paul (8/18/2007)
    What can I say that hasnt been said about this fine, fine pu?! A ballsy, yet uncomparably smooth pu-erh. Complex, gently woodsy and aged perfectly. Deep damp, mossy tones - tea in the forest! Some camphory notes sneak on through, but diminish in the multiple steepings. This tea has longevity - holds up well to infusion after infusion. Love it!

    Jeanna (Shen) (7/26/2007)
    Good color and flavor its very smooth and tasty. hope my second tasting of this tea is as good as my first.

    Yu Bo (6/28/2007)
    Well this tea is certainly very mild with no bitterness whatsoever. You are able to get many brewing from this fine aged tea.

    David (6/28/2007)
    Tea is mild, has a wonderful color and very tasty.

    Denise (6/1/2007)
    My wifes favorite tea. Amber smoothness is superb.

    Arthur (4/3/2007)
    Great flavor with an amazing smooth mouth feel. Excellent big leaves produce a unique cooked aged taste with a very nice aroma. No doubt about the age of this tea.

    Jason (4/2/2007)
    I reward myself now and again with this outstanding san shou. The flavor is complex and delightful. This is one of my all-time favorite cooked puers.

    Gerald (4/1/2007)
    It just doesnt get any better than this for cooked pu-erh- or really any pu-erh for that matter. Ive had plenty of raw aged pu-erh that isnt this good!

    Brian (12/29/2006)
    Very nice, with a nice camphor hit to it.

    Andrew (12/28/2006)
    This is my morning tea. And sometimes lunch, and evening... It has really become a part of my daily routine and I have yet to find anything superior. Its very medicinal and it just makes me feel energized to the core, and it works wonders for my digestion problems. A little pricey for a daily tea, but worth every penny.

    Brian (10/3/2006)
    A very good loose leaf puerh. Understand that woodiness is not my favorite aspect of a tea. That being said, this one has just a mellow woodiness, not at all sharp like some younger cooked puerhs that Ive tasted. It also has just the right amount of sweetness, making this a great tea to wind down to and drink a few pots of.

    Jeff (9/29/2006)
    6 stars. Neverending! Brewed and brewed - 8 times, each time discovering new side of perfection.

    Armandas (8/8/2006)
    Although I am a novice to puercha in general, I must say that I enjoy this tea very much! And perhaps, given the nature of puerh--seemingly more of an aquired taste--it is a good compliment to say that a beginner is enjoying it so. For me, its like drinking pure life straight from the earth itself, as it is certainly a tea capable of refreshing you within the first few sips alone, and whose aroma and taste remind me of journeying far into the woods to discover what lies in the depth. This tea hints at a deeper interconnectedness with you and the rest of the earth, that is, it suggests this intimate relationship, and your mind is allowed to finish the story. Ah! Precisley why I like this tea so much. I recommend it!

    Andrew (7/19/2006)
    This tea has a nice deep red liquor. It has a smooth taste without any strong earthy taste. One of the nicer cooked pu-erhs Ive tried.

    Kathy (7/9/2006)
    I love it.

    Tony (5/15/2006)
    This is an excellent tea that gives four lovely brews gong-fu style (approximately six grams in a 4.4 oz yixing pot brewing one minute and adding time). The first brew is smooth and firm with woody overtones, and later brews take on further sweetness and complexity without ever becoming too rich or too sweet. It is extremely well priced for a tea of its class, I highly recommend it.

    Danica (4/28/2006)
    Some cooked puers are too sweet and syrupy, and others have funny flavors that are sometimes unpleasant. But this Menghai Xing Xiang, however, is dry, clean, and pure. I am re-ordering it. I think its possible that this tea has been less fermented or processed or cooked than other shu-type puers. Its not quite as black in the cup. It tends toward a very deep and rich red. I tend to drink it too fast. Thats high praise. :-)

    Gerald (3/14/2006)

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