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  Chinese Black Tea
Tastes thick and robust. Tea connoisseurs appreciate Chinese Black tea as a beverage with various purifying qualities. Chinese Black tea blends easily with other flavors to create a rich and exquisite taste. Regular consumption of Chinese Black tea can reduce risk of stroke.
  Chinese Black Tea
  • 1979 Series Keemun Black Tea   
  • Bai Lin Jin Zhen  
  • Bi Luo Chun Hong Cha  
  • Keemun  
  • Keemun Hao Ya A  
  • Keemun Mao Feng  
  • Keemun Xian Zhen  
  • 3 types of Lapsang Souchong
  • Smoked Lapsang Souchong  
  • Organic Lapsang Souchong  
  • Yin Jun Mei Souchong  
  • Rose Keemun  
  • Sichuan Gongfu  
  • Tan Yang Jing Zhi  
  • Tan Yang Te Ji  
  • Yi Hong Jing Pin A  
  • Ying De Hong  
  • Yunnan Gold  
  • Yunnan Pure Gold  
  • Zhu Hai Jin Ming  
    Organic Lapsang Souchong
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    Organic Lapsang Souchong
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Organic Lapsang Souchong
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    I am still learning to love the smokiness of this tea. Even more so than Souchong. I won´t give up on it.

    Marika (12/27/2019)
    è ormai un acquisto consolidato. un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo per gusto e aroma intensi.

    Tommaso (4/5/2016)
    si riconferma un ottimo tea soprattutto considerato il rapporto qualità prezzo. è fra i mie preferiti per la colazione.

    Tommaso (7/12/2015)
    confermo il gradimento per questo tea che offre un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. l´aroma è persistente ed il colore resta limpido.

    Tommaso (5/15/2014)
    si riconferma un tea forte il suo aroma avvolge tutto. buono il rapporto qualità prezzo che ne consente un uso quotidiano.

    Tommaso (7/30/2013)
    Легкий аромат дыма, фруктов.. приятно пьется, жаль быстро заканчивается :)

    Svetlana (4/4/2013)
    caldo ricco dall´aroma che dal forte affumicato dirada verso sfumature sempre più dolci. ottimo

    Tommaso (2/26/2013)
    Такой шикарный аромат, приятное послевкусие, лучший из черных чаев на мой вкус.

    Svetlana (2/21/2013)
    очень интересный черный чай, один из любимейших у моего мужа

    Svetlana (2/21/2013)
    Sometimes a tea when drunk gives you a feeling , a memory or a sensation. It comes when a tea has quality. I observe this tea to have a lighter ring of fire when presented in a tasting bowl. In terms of presentation , it certainly is camera friendly in as much as brings back memories and a feeling for me.

    Alvin (3/25/2012)
    What a intense black tea!!! You might like its strong taste of not, but it´s a great tea!

    Oscar (10/26/2011)
    My most favourite black tea. Fine tea with pleasant aroma.

    Svetlana (6/24/2011)
    the smoky smell is very strong. In a good way it has a very distinct flavor compared to the other black teas.

    Chee Meng (2/16/2011)
    Very good tea. Liked it very much. Very good tea. Liked it very much.Very good tea. Liked it very much.Very good tea. Liked it very much.

    Olga (1/29/2010)
    Average lapsang souchong, tasted somewhat metallic. It is difficult to recommend either of the two cheaper types having tasted the yin jun mei souchong.

    Christopher (11/21/2009)
    Perhaps as we are rating these teas we should also rate ourselves as to how well it was made to strong to weak and to long steeping or to short and so on-alot depends on this factor as to how the tea ends up in the cup and tastes after preparation-mk

    michael (10/21/2009)
    The best tea I had so far. Excellent and quite unusual. The smokiness is very subtle. I´ll certainly buy this one again!

    Klaus (7/16/2009)
    Very delicious tea with a great aroma. Big tealeaves makes lovely tea.

    Annemarie (6/2/2009)
    Very nice tea with subtle frangrances and a velvety finish to it.

    Jeroen (5/27/2009)
    Just smokey enough to for Lapsang Souchong but holds back enough to expose a very pleast, subtle, sweetness. High yield and pleasant to dwell on. Flavors remind me of Sichuan Gongu

    Brenton (5/14/2009)
    This is a nice delicately smoky tea, great with food but hard to drink on its own.

    Zenobie (3/25/2009)
    Strong and smokey. Head and shoulders above most lapang teas being sold.

    William (11/17/2008)
    Forte! veramente forte l´aroma complesso si diffonderà ovunque.

    Tommaso (11/15/2008)
    Smokey yet smooth aftertaste. I really enjoy its flavour more and more.

    William (10/11/2008)
    Very nice after taste, I´ve been drinking this tea alot even though the smoked smell has gotten some unfavorable comments. It´s become my favorite black tea.

    William (8/17/2008)
    Excellent tea. You can really tell the difference in taste and quality between this tea and many other lapsang souchoung.

    William (7/11/2008)
    The first time I tried this tea I had mixed feelings about it, but is has grown on me more and more. Very smokry yet smooth with nice after taste, I will definitely be ordering more.

    William (6/4/2008)
    Just smokey enough to for Lapsang Souchong but holds back enough to expose a very pleast, subtle, sweetness. High yield and pleasant to dwell on.

    Brenton (2/13/2008)
    the best lapsang souchong I have ever tasted, highly recomended.

    Sergio (12/13/2007)
    Very good balanced tea. Not too much smokiness and great base.

    Kim (9/23/2007)
    I don’t much like it on it’s own, I add a little bit of rock sugar to the pot and the sweet smoky tease is great! The logan scent is very apparent and the sugar heightens this.

    Thuong (9/6/2007)
    Beautiful, smooth liquor. The first Lapsang I had in a long time that I fcoudn’t find fault with. I’ll be buying more than 25g next time.

    Gary (8/4/2007)
    This is without doubt the best Lapsang Souchong I ever have tried! So smokey and yet so elegant!

    Mathias (7/10/2007)
    Many of this type are not memorable, only strong. This has sterngth and refinement.

    Arthur (4/3/2007)
    This makes a wonderfully smooth, smoky cup of tea. It’s much more mellow than I was expecting. If you are looking for the kind of lapsang souchong that grabs you and shouts SMOKE at you, this is NOT the brew for you. But if you’ve had that kind of lapsang souchong before and you’re ready to try something different, give this organic one a try. First cup is excellent, but subsequent cups are only so-so.

    Andrew (12/28/2006)
    Lovely tea with a subltle smokey flavour. Much softer taste than other Lapsang teas I’ve tried. The best brew so far was with a small amount of tea leaves and the colour of the tea was quite pale. Very aromatic and very light. 3 or 4 brews per leaves and they all retained that wonderful taste. Great first thing in the morning!

    kelsang (10/12/2006)
    At the first glance, i’d found this tea rather good. After I had consumed the first pack, i didn’t want to drink that low-quality Lapsang that they serve here, in this country. It’s a really nice one.

    Gergely (7/31/2006)
    I enjoyed the organic Lapsang Souchong a great deal, the smokiness was just right, it was certainly there, but unlike some incarnations of the tea this was nothing like taking a pull off a bottle of liquid smoke. A fantastic tea.

    Kevin (6/14/2006)

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