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    Pearl Chrysanthemum
    Pearl Chrysanthemum
    (rating: 4.4 out of 5)
      Pearl Chrysanthemum
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    This has to be the best tea I have ever enjoyed. The tea is naturally sweet and smells good.

    Anthony (11/24/2009)
    This is a very special tea that is picked in the early spring--and worth every cent. I am delighted with delicious tea, and with all the teas I ordered. I highly recommend TeaSpring for anyone who would like to purchase tea from mainland China. The teas arrived in very lovely packaging, which were clearly marked by product in both English and Chinese---delightful!!! I ordered two of many of the teas to give as a birthday gift to my brother who has been drinking Chinese tea for 30 years. He is very happy with the gifts.

    Linda (4/20/2009)
    size is smaller than I thought, smells differently than the regular chrysanthemum.

    Yun (3/24/2009)
    beautifully display.. very pleasant taste and aroma

    gina (3/2/2009)
    Delicious! A very good quality tea with a light and fresh taste. Very refreshing and sweet. Would bay again.

    Sergey (2/10/2009)
    Has more of an "herby" flavor than the Chrysanthemum. I like it, but not as much.

    Karen (2/3/2009)
    Lovely taste and scent of chrysanthemum. Great tea for any occasion.

    Miljenko (1/15/2009)
    intersesting impessions this was a tri and it worse it

    Alex (6/4/2008)
    Smells just like a pot of chrysanthemums! I never would have thought of making tea out of this taste, but I love it. Getting good reports from my tea buddies at work, too. Strong herbal flavor, bracing and energizing. The little buds are cute in the pot: they keep their pearl shape, rather than opening into a flower.

    Laila (11/18/2006)
    Intense minty flowery smell and taste. A bit bitter, but very soothing. Try blending with the osmanthus flowers. The two together balence each others screaming flavors.

    Silas (3/2/2006)
    Delicious! This is the first time Iíve had Pearl Chrysanthemum tea but it will not be the last. Very satisfying.

    Gloria W (12/24/2005)

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