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  Pu-erh Tea
Pu-erh is renowned for its medicinal qualities. Unlike other teas, Pu-erh's quality and taste improves with age. It's taste is often described as earthy but some very well aged Pu-erh produce cups of incredibly smooth and wonderfully complex beverage.
  Pu-erh Tea
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  • Pu-erh Chrysanthemum  
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    Pu-erh Chrysanthemum
    Pu-erh Chrysanthemum
    (rating: 4.2 out of 5)
      Pu-erh Chrysanthemum
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    I must admit I had had high hopes for this one due to liking both chrysanthemum infusions and PuErh. While this tea was by no means unpleasant, it nevertheless did not excite me. Maybe BECAUSE of my expectation that it would taste strongly like chrysanthemum and PuErh at the same time. Flowery sweet and deeply earthy at the same time. But it wasnīt. It was far more subdued. I am not sure if this is a repeat purchase tea for me, but I will give it another chance in a few weeksī time, but this time without the expectations possibly clouding my judgement.

    Svein Olav (1/16/2022)
    Good pu-erh taste, chrysanthemum taste almost indistinguishable though really pleasant tea to look at with the petals floating on the surface. Which posed a dilemma to me: the brewing guide says to brew 1 min for the first brew. So, just to be able to see the floating petals, I did not put the tea into the filter, but straight into the cup. After one minute, though, I had to decant, ergo spilled some... Definitely very enjoyable tea, I do agree with the recommendation on the website to make it a first pu-erh tea for a novice. Well done!

    Marika (1/20/2018)
    Tea for true gourmets! Very pleasant tea, with unusual taste, well satisfies thirst.

    Elena (3/31/2014)
    Very interesting cooling sensation. Wonderfully fragrant. Shipping came quickly and in good condition.

    Elizabeth (12/12/2013)
    As a writer i have a taste for tea. it is neddless to say: i have tried many kinds of teas for a long time. Pu-ehr is very particular. It instantly made me distinguish it among others. Perhaps because it has a wooden, earthy colour which is soothing and revitalizing at the same time. If someone asked me: why pu-ehr i would say because i can dring it every single day without getting used to it. You can drink it anytime with anything. It has a simplicity that strikes me, i repeat, it is very particular, donīt try it if you are accustomed to purely greenish tastes, this tea is differrent. Pu-ehr is art. It suits my body chemistry. I will not be satisfied until i have tried all of Tea Springīs pu-ehrs. Some, yes, are quite expensive, but i guess they well deserve their money. I am not going to change Tea Spring as a tea seller, because they ship with a minimum cost -which is important if you live to the other end of the world. And i like that you get little tea gifts. By the way, it is time i tried my new just arrived teas. Enjoy tea and learn to love the marvel of pu-ehr.

    Konstantina (11/15/2013)
    I tried two different gongfu cha methods for brewing this tea. Each was about a 90/100 ml serving. One was from the guidelines on this site. This rendered a very strong, coffee like flavour that was slightly bitter. It was too rich for a 90 ml serving. I found the caffeine content a little too strong for my system when using those brewing perimeters and feel that a much smaller serving (2 - 3 sips) would be enough for this method. Otherwise, Iīm not a big fan. The second method was for much shorter brewing times. The first was for 15 seconds, then 10, then 8, then 10, then 12. This rendered a smoother flavour with full body and a consistent brew each time. The caffeine also seemed less. Either method releases a nice roasted flavour. There is a subtle spice in the aftertaste that almost disappears into a cinnamon and floral note that lingers for some time after drinking. I was a little hesitant to try this tea since Iīm not a fan of chrysanthemum, but I canīt really say I noticed it. If it was there, it was very subtle and overshadowed by the deep, woody flavour of the puīerh, which seemed like very good quality. I quite liked this tea. I would drink it again.

    Kimberley (3/2/2013)
    My favorite, I have bought over 1kg of this altogether now, the Chrysanthemum just makes this much more rounded than regular pu-erh. Very easily drinkable and a taste I dont grow tired of. Compared to some other teas that has bitterness or harshness that makes me grow tired of them before finishing a pot.

    Andreas (10/24/2012)
    Soft and gentle tea because of the flowers in it. I like it better than regular pu-erh. Quick delivery (I live in Europe) and good after sales!

    s (7/9/2012)
    Very good value for money. I personally couldnīt make out the taste of the chrysanthemum (my friends could) but the puerh was good quality.

    Matthew (5/4/2012)
    Впринципе, неплохой, соотношение цена-качество на уровне....

    Ilua (4/4/2012)
    wow....what great tea.grear taate and aroma........thank you.

    Genaro (1/29/2012)
    Освежающий вкус, очень хороший вариант для желающих познакомиться с этим видом чаев.

    Alena (1/6/2012)
    Это мой первый пуэр, брала попробовать его лечебный свойства, помогает пищеварению, действительно. По вкусу я люблю больше улуны, но этот пить изредка можно, так что оценка "удовлетворительно".

    Olga (12/11/2011)
    Iīm new to pu-erh teas; but i did like this one. A rich, strong, and dark fruit like liquor. Great for drinking after big meal. I bought it for medicinal claims of cooling. Know and behold helped bring down an extremely high fever in a matter of hours. Overall serves its purpose.

    Christopher (10/7/2011)
    This is the 2nd time I have tried Pu-erh; itīs just not the tea for me.

    Jennifer A (6/29/2011)
    Itīs good but I like more richier ,more strong pu-erhīs.Also itīs better to add few rosebud flowers in my opinion.

    Pavel (3/9/2011)
    This tea is very pleasing. I really like. I will recommend this tea to everybody!

    costel (2/11/2011)
    Very nice pu-erh chrysanthemum with a minty smell. It has a nice smooth earthy taste that I like. Will be ordering more. Reasonable price too.

    Lai May (6/26/2010)
    Smooth, rich, strong, and dark drink. The chrysanthemum adds a subtle sweetness. Good when you want a strong cup of dark tea. Nice pu-erh chrysanthemum.

    Kei (3/21/2010)
    My first pu-erh,so nothing to compare it with.Not yey impresed by it.Lacking in depth of flavor.

    James (2/2/2010)
    Chrysanthemum tea has lovely light scent and taste. I really like, because it has a comparatively mild flavour. Recommendable!!!

    costel (10/19/2009)
    What a lovely flavor! The perfect balance of pu-erh and chrysanthemum petals. Thank you!

    Carolyn (2/17/2009)
    Pu-erh with very earthy taste-i like it for everyday use

    Marko (1/19/2009)
    i am no expert when it comes to pu erh, but this selection was not inspiring... the tea was average but for a beginner it is not a horrible choice at all... think i will stay with the bing and cake pu ehrs in the future

    Robert (8/16/2008)
    as a first time pu-erh drinker, this tea was very pleasant

    Yu Bo (6/28/2007)
    I was not sure I would like Pu-erh but I found this very satisfying. I will reorder this.

    Mary (3/10/2007)
    This is a wonderful, different, interesting Pu-erh. The addition of the chrysanthemum leaves makes an exquisite first cup. Hard to describe, but probably not for the first-time Pu-erh drinker. I would have rated it excellent, except that every time I try to make make more than one brewing out of the same leaves, the result is horrible, just vile. It’s amazing how something that makes such a wonderful first cup could make a horrible second cup.

    Andrew (12/28/2006)
    Very enjoyable

    Sue (12/14/2006)
    This tea is still in need of some honey. It seamed to still be a bit bitter. Got better with several steepings. Chrysanthemum with juvenile Pu-erh...

    Dale (11/4/2006)
    Very nice combination of teas for a refreshing flavor. Add some rock sugar or natural sweetener for added flavor.

    Karen (8/15/2006)
    Very soothing. Great tea for breakfast.

    Jenni (8/12/2006)
    Pleasant as the chrysanthemum mitigates the strong taste of pu erh.

    Paolo (6/11/2006)
    My daughter the acupuncture student recommended this tea to bring down blood pressure. It worked! Tastes good, too!

    Cynthia (6/2/2006)
    This is a very smooth, refreshing, everyday tea that is very welcoming those who are new to Pu-ehr

    Steven (2/16/2006)
    This tea surprised me. Very soft and suple, with a light smokey earthiness. I really like this tea. Perfect for a Sunday morning by the fire.

    James (12/17/2005)
    refreshing aftertaste

    Jenni (11/22/2005)
    A very refreshing tee.

    Jenni (11/22/2005)
    The taste is very fresh. A very refreshing tee.

    Jenni (11/22/2005)

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