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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
  • Bai Hao Oolong  
  • Bai Ji Guan  
  • Beidou No 1  
  • 5 types of Da Hong Pao
  • Da Hong Pao  
  • Diao Yu Tai Te Gong Da Hong Pao  
  • Te Ji Organic Da Hong Pao  
  • Traditional Da Hong Pao  
  • Wu Yi Cha Wang Da Hong Pao  
  • Dan Cong  (3 types)
  • Dong Ding Oolong  
  • Gui Hua Oolong  
  • Huang Guan Yin  
  • Huang Jin Gui  
  • Jiu Long Pao  
  • Lan Gui Ren  
  • Nai Xiang Oolong  
  • Rou Gui  
  • Shui Xian  (2 types)
  • Tie Guan Yin  (3 types)
  • Tie Luo Han  
  • Wu Yi Yan Cha 90s  
  • Wu Yi Yan Cha Bing  
  • Yong Chun Fo Shou  
    Te Ji Organic Da Hong Pao
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    Te Ji Organic Da Hong Pao
    (rating: 4.4 out of 5)
    Te Ji Organic Da Hong Pao
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    Loved this DHP. A richer and longer lasting aftertaste and smokey aroma.

    kenneth (4/22/2016)
    My most recent shipping of this tea may have been mis-labled or spoiled. It wasnīt up to my past shipments.

    Uzi (1/14/2016)
    A good basic morning tea. Not as flavorful as the Diao Yu Tai Te Gong Da Hong Pao. I buy the Te Ji Organic Da Hong Pao because itīs more economical...though Iīm not it sure it is, as it requires more tea per infusion and doesnīt give a great 2nd infusion.

    Uzi (1/14/2016)
    A good basic morning tea. Not as flavorful as the Diao Yu Tai Te Gong Da Hong Pao. I buy the Te Ji Organic Da Hong Pao because itīs more economical...though Iīm not it sure it is, as it requires more tea per infusion and doesnīt give a great 2nd infusion.

    Uzi (1/14/2016)
    si riconferma sempre come un ottimo tea, č sicuramente fra i mie preferiti. il suo aroma persistente il gusto deciso si presta per essere accompagnato con cibi salati e dolci.

    Tommaso (7/12/2015)
    Weak flavor, no roasted flavor, very disappointing.

    Christine (3/12/2015)
    This tea has excellent balance, medium body, beautiful amber color, and nuanced 浓香 . The aroma has nice toast, faint earth, maybe floral notes, but also a beautifully integrated and restrained toasted coconut meat. Also good for three infusions, but take care to properly time them for the most prolonged and balanced enjoyment

    Andrew (4/21/2014)
    Disappointed. It tasted nothing like the description and the reviews. Tried to adjust quantity but flavor lacked the qualities described.

    Rosa (5/20/2013)
    I found this tea to be a very, very good Oolong with a smooth body and sweet after taste. Highly recommend.

    Jean (1/29/2013)
    Great tea! I like the aroma, the mouthfeel, and the price is just right!

    Patrick (6/16/2012)
    This is excellent tea at an excellent price. Highly recommended!

    Gerald (3/13/2012)
    Quite satisfaying Oolong, it has a woody flavor and a good body. Not very subtle but quite good.

    Oscar (10/26/2011)
    I was really surprised how good this tea tasted.Very deep flavors for many infusions.Starts with fruity and changes into chocolate later.

    Slava ZM (10/1/2011)
    I think this is a great Da hong pao and very good value on your money spent. I actually find it up to par with some other da hong paos that were at a higher price level. Very satisfied!

    Olof (7/30/2011)
    This black tea has a deep floral aroma and a smooth taste. Personally, I think Keemum Xian Zhen is better.

    Yi (6/30/2011)
    Good tea.Nothing special in my taste but I can definetely recomend this one to everyone to try.

    Pavel (3/9/2011)
    One of the best China Oolong with a honey sweet after taste

    Chee Meng (2/16/2011)
    Si conferma sempre un ottimo tea, il suo aroma complesso esplode durante l’infusione e persiste anche dopo svariate infusioni. Fra gli oolong č probabilmente il pių robusto e resta fra i miei preferiti.

    Tommaso (1/16/2011)
    The taste is like a mature, young women. Theres a flowerish fruitish taste. It puts you in a good mood.

    li (1/15/2011)
    One of the best DHP i have had from. It has a beautiful plum aroma when first infused, this shifts to something a little more chocolatey in later infusions. Overall this is the second best DHP i have had, I still prefer the Cha Wang version, but that is because the flavour is more to my palette, longer roasting times. I have to say ough this is a very nice tea, beats beidou #1 and the guest house DHP.

    Dorian (12/16/2010)
    For the price, this tea is amazing. I reminds me of the Imperial Da Hong Pao that Iīve tried before. Of course, itīs not as good as an imperial Da Hong Pao, but itīs still a very good Da Hong Pao. I will definitely buy this again!

    Patrick (12/9/2010)
    An excellent Da Hong Pao, although it is a bit tricky to get the best out of it. I will definitely buy more of this one.

    Terje (9/5/2010)
    high quality oolong. nice color and aroma. more of a bold than light taste.

    Cory (7/26/2010)
    Has a lovely smooth flowery taste with a hint of fruity flavor, love this as a morning tea.

    Wade (6/22/2010)
    very nice fruity favor. It makes you feel good inside when you smell the tea,

    li (5/12/2010)
    This is a great Da Hong Pao, from the aroma, taste, the leaves, just great. I noticed a slight hint of fruit with a clean and slightly smokey flavor.

    Ben (5/3/2010)
    Great Da Hong Pao. It tastes very smooth with sweet and floral aftertaste. A very good oolong tea.

    Fan (3/8/2010)
    Tea leaves are similar to those displayed in the product picture and have an enjoyable coffee/walnut oil scent. Soup is amber/orange/brown with just enough particle density that I canīt say it is "clear." Unlike some other reviewers (different batch, brewing method, or something?), the scent speaks to me more strongly of a rich walnut oil with crisp peppery top notes. The full body does hint, as described, of coffee. I detect more of a peppery than floral finish with very little astringency. As a fan of teas with similar body and spicy characteristics, I think this is the first Oolong that I may end up drinking on a regular basis (I sometimes enjoy the occasional, sweeter Tie Guan Yin).

    Tim (2/3/2010)
    Very good, this one exhibits what you would normally look for in a DHP.

    Daniel (1/19/2010)
    Stands up to the Te Ji title for sure, with tasting notes of dried tart cherry, hint orange peel, and a wonderful sweetness and many other complex layers of flavor with a supreme mouth feel. This is a strong tea that will last an easy 7 to 9 rounds.

    Scott (9/28/2009)
    Un ottimo tea con buon rapporto qualitā prezzo. Ricco dallīaroma persistente č fra gli oolong il mio preferito.

    Tommaso (9/5/2009)
    I really liked this one - it compares well to more exspensive versions. But, beware temprature and brewing time, the flavours demand some attension

    Terje (8/19/2009)
    Excellent; absolute value for money. Tones of dark chocolate; remembrance of the forest after rain. My favourite!

    Benoît (7/6/2009)

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