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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Tie Guan Yin
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    Tie Guan Yin
    (rating: 4.4 out of 5)
      Tie Guan Yin
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    This last consignment was quite disappointing. The flavour is quite weak - even if I use more tea leaves and leave them to steep longer than usual. Is it an old batch, harvested several years ago? Whatever the answer, it has only half the flavour of Tie Guan Yin 28610 delivered in autumn 2019.

    Roswitha (5/21/2020)
    It is a good oolong tea. It has a long lasting taste. Worth the price

    Alice (12/17/2019)
    This tie guan yin is the best I have tried. The fragrant smell is so good.

    Yaqin (5/14/2016)
    I always come back the ordinary tea guan yin; itīs exactly what I like: a delicate, slightly fruity/flowery flavour. Iīm just sorry that the second brew has a less fresh flavour.

    Roswitha (2/25/2016)
    It is a delicious tea. I got about 3 or 4 extractions out of it.

    Blake (1/27/2015)
    As always i am satisfied with quality of tea. Every day drink in the afternoongives puece to my body and mind

    kseniya (1/10/2015)
    This is my usual Oolong that provides very good taste for a very good price.

    Tim (12/8/2014)
    Better taste if made with spring water. Anyway nice taste of pureness.

    kseniya (11/15/2014)
    I find the floral aspects of this tea to be quite impressive. Thatīs the best way I can describe it. Not an every day tea for me, but an occasional treat.

    Reed (7/23/2014)
    Not the best tie guan yin out of the ones they have, but it is better than most otherīs high grade of it. I never had the Shen Yun tie guan yin, always wanted to try it. But this one is still one of my favourite teas. On a side note I have seen the Chinese performance called Shen Yun. That was awesome too! Next time I see it I will order the Shen Yun tea before watching it.

    Ben (6/3/2014)
    It was a nice oolong. A bit jasmine like with a good long finish. Like a good green tea, the flavor would linger for hours after drinking a few brewings.

    Blake (5/16/2014)
    Pretty good. Good value. Last long. Nice roundness. Some lackins in taste. Maybe not for the beginner. Beginners should go for a more costy one, like Jade.

    Thomas (11/26/2013)
    Удивительный аромат и богатый вкус, очень достойный чай.

    Alena (10/31/2013)
    Very strong floral aroma, I found it a little overpowering sometimes. Still pretty good value Tie Guan Yin

    Joe (7/12/2013)
    as good as other orders; it was fresh and came promptly

    nancy (4/4/2013)
    Совсем не плохой легкий чай. Утром - в самый раз.

    Boris (2/15/2013)
    And once again I have my morning tea! Delivery as punctual as ever.

    Alfred (2/13/2013)
    I like this tea. The leaves are good quality, and the taste is floral and fruity. It has a real flavor without the cover-up of substitutes.

    Ronald (2/6/2013)
    A really nice, rich flavor. A teaspoon or two goes a long way,

    Shehzad (2/2/2013)
    Lovely orchid fragrance, clear light amber brew, and smooth taste. The tea leaves are very fresh and have been processed well. Multiple infusions. For the price, this tea is a very good deal. Highly recommended!

    Kei (10/18/2012)
    all time favorite....i like it with or after food...

    Slava ZM (6/22/2012)
    It was a long time since I drink an oolong tea. I find it quite good, it gives two tasty infusion.

    manuel (6/2/2012)
    Stil as good as ever. Having this tea already for 5 years

    Alfred (4/1/2012)
    Plan to drink this regularly when finish tea had before. Good flavor.

    Nathan (3/28/2012)
    I use this olong since 2008 every single day, and the quality has never declined during this period, always the excelent tea and delivery! Should not want to mis it.

    Alfred (3/9/2012)
    I have no great enthusiasm for this tea. It is rather bitter, but in a rough kind a way - I have nothing against slightly bitter taste but here itīs a more tartly kind of taste, lacking any delicacy. Itīs of still much better quality than most teas that you get in bags, but thatīs not exactly the level Iīm searching for here. Among ratings offered here I choosed middle one, but itīll suit this tea better if I used a saying that we use in Croatia and that I could freely translate as Middle Sorrow/Middle Grief. So, I deffinitely wonīt come back for more, but Iīll consider trying another type, as it comes from a group of 3, this one being the last one..

    Maja (10/13/2011)
    Although this tea is not the highest grade Tie Guan Yin available here, it definitely has top-grade taste. At least three infusions are possible without having the flavor quality decline. Taste is well balanced between flowery orchid flavor with hints of honeysuckle and fresh green tea. Stronger flavor and more flower nectar aftertaste than a high- mountain Oolong tea.

    Matthew (8/21/2011)
    Cant get more than 2 infusions,but its good for the price.Ill try to order Jade Tie Guan Yin next time though.Thank You!

    Slava ZM (8/19/2011)
    This is such an enjoyable tea! I usually do 3 infusions, each so different, itīs like having 3 different kinds of green tea.

    Shauna (6/20/2011)
    One of my favourites. Very tasty but light and smooth at the same time.

    Laura (6/16/2011)
    Fresh jasmine aroma. Gentle salty/sweet flavour. Very good for multiple infusions. Even a fourth infusion is pleasant.

    tiago (6/6/2011)
    A personal favorite. Delicious tea. Floral, soothing and very tasty. Sure to buy it again.

    Wesley (5/16/2011)
    This was a very nice tea, with a refreshing jasmine taste.

    Ben (5/13/2011)
    Doesnīt last through more than a few infusions, but itīs worth it for the price.

    Michael (4/16/2011)
    good quality of tea. i tried it many time but it is still my favourite.

    kseniya (4/16/2011)
    Pleasant tea, nice flavor with a taste that lasts till the third infusion.

    Adrian (3/24/2011)
    i dring this tea everyday for two years already. recommend it due to ironish aftertaste. serve it in china cup for more pleasure.

    kseniya (3/12/2011)
    Absolutely phenomenal tea! One of the best teas Iīve ever had! The floral scent is pleasantly subtle instead of being overpowering like many teas. I was able to get slightly different tastes from steeping in different temperatures. Anything from the 170 - 200 degree range works amazingly and gives new subtleties each time. Highly recommend this wonderful tea!

    William (2/9/2011)
    Itīs a classic! I have always this tea at home as it is my favourite.

    Juan Luis (1/27/2011)
    My favorite tea from so far here. I like it better than the more expensive Jade

    Michael (12/16/2010)
    This is becoming one of my favorite teas from Teaspring and I am really tempted to order some of the Jade Tie Guan Yin after having this. It is flowery and has a slight fruity aroma to it. I love the smell of the leaves in the preheated gaiwan just before the water is poured in.

    Trevor (10/20/2010)
    This Oolong is still as aggod as ever. I use it every day, and one spoon will last the whole day.

    Alfred (10/3/2010)
    Delicious. If youīre new to tea and looking for a solid oolong, this should be your first choice. Even the lower-quality varieties are consistently tasty. Itīs a classic.

    James (9/12/2010)
    Fresh flower taste. Good quality tea for its price.

    Anna (9/10/2010)
    Just an average TGY, nothing to rave about. The first few infusions are great: very floral, smooth but a little dry. lasted me about 3 good infusions on a gaiwan. anything beyond that was quite bland and taste like flavorless tea water. i used 3grams with 100-120ml of almost boiling water.

    Wen Jun (7/5/2010)
    Nice floral aroma (very reminiscent of the Omanthus oolong) with a smooth and pleasant taste. Quite pleased with this tea.

    John (3/30/2010)
    A good quality oolong. Bright, not too grassy, and happy.

    Bradley (3/16/2010)
    This tea is very light in taste and has a slight floral aroma. It is very soothing but also gives me a nice lift in the morning. I drink it through out the day and it really keeps me going. I love the nice green color of the leaves and it gives the tea a slight green color. I enjoy it very much and I hope you do as well.

    Kendra (11/18/2009)
    Itīs not the best TG but its very good, and for this money itīs excellent!!!) good aroma, funny buzz so am happy that I bot it=)

    Mandrika (10/15/2009)
    Very good. Iīve drunk better TGY, but this one is very good for the price.

    Paweł (10/10/2009)
    the quality of this tie guan yin, very bad, maybe the harvest for this period not to good

    tony (10/5/2009)
    i adore oolong teas & tie guan tin especially, but this is a rare treat. the scent is robust & the taste is as clear & bright as a field of scented flowers. wonderful plain or w/ roasted brown rice & a touch of honey. cheers!

    cj (8/10/2009)
    I agree with the previous reviewer Daniel. Itīs good & really fresh oolong, pleasantly simple, transparently fragrant, but itīs not kinda revelation or illumination.

    Alex (6/5/2009)
    Iīm primarily a black tea drinker, but I drink Oolong teas several times a week. This is my favorite Oolong tea--I even prefer it to the Jade Tie Guan Yin, which I tried after drinking this version. The Tie Guan Yin has just the right scent for me (hints of honey and seaweed), very good color (liquor is a clear, golden greenish/yellow), a full body, and a wonderful taste of fruity complexity that belies its simple leaf appearance (my unbrewed leaves are a bit darker than the pageīs photo). I strongly recommend you try this tea.

    Tim (5/18/2009)
    very good green tie guan yin, eith lovely orchid fragrance. excellent for its price

    Sergio (3/16/2009)
    Good enough for the price I guess, nothing to be too excited about. Itīs Tie Guan Yin for a good price, other than that, I have nothing more to say.

    Daniel (1/1/2009)
    Compared this with Tie Guan Yin from other sources, includig Taiwan. For the price, it canīt be beat. Full of nuances that do not diminish when rebrewed. My friends all love this tea and ask for it whenever they visit.

    Rolf (12/17/2008)
    tie kwan yin is one of my favorite oolongs and this basic grade of tea spring is very impresive. its less complex than the other grades ofered but a great tea none the less

    Sergio (12/6/2008)
    The lilac taste and flagrance is much less pronounced than with Jade Tie Quan Yin. Almost discrete. This is still very good oolong.

    Milan (11/5/2008)
    This is a wonderful tea. The taste is full bodied and sweet. I have one cup in the morning and I feel happy and energized all day.

    Denise (10/28/2008)
    For me this is good tie guan yin, is down respectly jade tie, bat is good.

    IVAN (10/23/2008)
    Good Tie Guan Yin. Nothing special but good all around oolong.

    William (10/11/2008)
    really enjoyed my first few cups of this tea... sweet, refreshing... nice flavor and aroma....great after a long day to chill out with a cup and let it remind you why you want a green wu long... definitely will buy again...good value tea

    Robert (9/20/2008)
    Love this tea, its one of my everyday teas. Has a very nice taste, with a hint of honey sweetness.

    Jesper (9/13/2008)
    One of the nicest oolongs for me. Usualy when making tea I let my frends choose what weīll drink and if this tea is there - this one is of a choice.

    Olga (7/22/2008)
    This is my favourite tea. Itīs simply great. Thatīs it!

    Oskar (5/14/2008)
    This tea is so great that itīs the one I would pick if I only could have one tea in the world! It has a wonderfull sweet and flowery taste, and still mostly tasting tea! Itīs the best I have tried.

    Oskar (3/3/2008)
    A nice fresh Tie Guan Yin. Fragrant and long lasting, if a little on the thin side.

    Gary (11/22/2007)
    This is a good Tie Guan Yin for the price. Not quite as good as An Xi but still a light and refreshing tea.

    David (9/16/2007)
    What can one say? This is a beautiful, delicate but robust green oolong that does well through at least 3 infusions. Highly recommended.

    Richard (6/16/2007)
    Tie Guan Yin is my favorite tea, and while this isn’t the best one I’ve ever tried it certainly is very good. It’s complex and enjoyable, you’ll get multiple infusions out of it, and the price is pretty reasonable.

    Matthew (6/4/2007)
    Not as good as I’d hoped but nothing to toss out. Seemed like more stems in this one than I’ve seen in others (not huge or unacceptable amounts, just enough that I noticed). Flavor was average to me. Acceptable but not outstanding.

    Wanda (6/3/2007)
    good aroma several stages of savour I liked much

    SYLVIE (5/1/2007)
    A wonderful tea that I recomend to all... My Fiance on the other hand, does not like this tea at all.

    Alex (4/26/2007)
    This was an excellent tea--floral but not overpowering. A nice Iron Goddess.

    Jennifer (12/5/2006)
    Lovely floral scent and taste!

    Jennifer (12/5/2006)
    we’re a bit disappointed with this one, nothing to compare to jade tie guan yin.

    Linda (11/15/2006)
    this is the best tea I’ve tasted; I only ordered 50g as I had never tried this tea, but you can be sure when it comes time to reorder I’m getting a much larger packet. The after taste plays a tune of delight on the palate.

    rich (11/1/2006)
    Exactly what I expected and more. The unused leaves are a pretty colour and it just tastes exactly how I feel a good oolong should taste. I’m likely to be trying more or this tea and to experiment with the different varieties offered here.

    anon (9/18/2006)

    GIOVANNI (9/18/2006)
    As usual - great tea for good price.

    Armandas (8/7/2006)
    buy again, very good tea

    Bao (8/6/2006)
    I love to drink this tea after meal, because it is good for digestion.

    Hien (8/5/2006)
    Very nice tea. Yellowish-Green infusion, refreshing floral scent and flavor. Exactly like the Oolong I was served in a Shanghai tea room on a recent visit to China. My second purchase of this Oolong was same good quality and taste as the first. Highly recommended. John (7/6/06)

    John (7/6/2006)

    GIOVANNI (12/25/2005)
    very good Tiguanyin for the price.

    Richard (10/21/2005)
    For person who like strong aroma and taste, this is one of the choice.

    Sherron (9/8/2005)

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