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  Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
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  • Wu Yi Qu Hao  
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  • Zhu Ye Qing  
    Wu Yi Qu Hao
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    Wu Yi Qu Hao
    (rating: 4.3 out of 5)
    Wu Yi Qu Hao
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    Just sipping it. What a great green tea it is. Consistently high quality.

    Peter (9/12/2015)
    One never can go wrong with this tea. Just a great green.

    Peter (4/30/2015)
    This green tea is wonderful! The dried leaves are very tiny and dark green in color, and the infusion provides a complex and flavourful taste, with a unique scent and sweetness. Because the leaves are so small, a single teaspoon provides an pleasant and intense tasting brew in a 4-cup teapot. Andre ¦:¬)

    Andre (4/13/2015)
    A beautiful green tea with a sweet and strong aroma especially on the first infusion. Therefore, I make only one infusion with about 1 g of tea at the time steeping for 2 minutes. More of the same to my liking might follow.

    Peter (11/29/2014)
    Great green tea as for aroma, flavor and price. Done right one can get at least 3 infusions.

    Peter (12/3/2012)
    Until recently I used to live in Europe and I used to order my tea from Austria. When I moved to the U.S. I was worried I would not find the same great tasting green tea as I was used to but thanks to TeaSpring.com I did! I am very satisfied with this tea. It is very smooth and does not at all have that strong taste to it that some green teas have. I just ordered my second order from TeaSpring.com and am absolutely happy with the service. TeaSpring.com has definitely found a new customer!!

    Anita (11/11/2012)
    A really great, fresh leafed tea. It has a smooth taste with a little roasted tea flavor to it. I like this tea than most of the green teas I´ve tried on TeaSpring. Highly recommended.

    Ronald (8/13/2012)
    Excellent aroma, when first opening the tea package, the smell arouses the senses. This tea has just the right amount of taste of oolong. The hint of the oolong taste does not overpower the green tea taste. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this tea at 7.

    dennis west (7/14/2012)
    Superb. I found this tea tastes best when infused longer than recommended - up to 5 minutes in 80C water. This brings out an umami flavour - also nicely tannic and a little smokey without any bitterness of vegetal aftertaste.

    Rami (6/16/2012)
    This has become one of my favorite green teas. Nice aroma and flavor. Quite tolerant to water temperature. As with most green teas I usually make only one or two infusions (200-250 ml each) at a time. If I need more tea I start again with fresh tea leaves, for me that brings out the best of green tea.

    Peter (5/10/2012)
    This is special rare green tea from Wu Yi Shan. The taste is complex fresh with strong aroma of smokey bamboo. This is reasonable price tea, but can be brewed 5 times.

    Susany (3/1/2012)
    This is special rare green tea from Wu Yi Shan. The taste is complex fresh with strong aroma of smokey bamboo. This is reasonable price tea, but can be brewed 5 times.

    Susany (2/15/2012)
    One of my favorite green teas. Keep the water temperature low, around 70 C.

    Peter (1/6/2012)
    Великолепный чай. Сладковатый, с насыщенным ароматом.

    Anton (10/26/2011)
    I liked this tea very much. Light, delicate, yet complex profile. The taste is vegetal, floral, and sweet. The mild fragrance lasts for many infusions. The nutty (or rounded) aftertaste is more pronounced in later infusions. No hash edges-not a hint of smokiness or bitterness at all. Although the taste is subtle, the tea can be infused numerous times with good results. Tiny leaves are vivid green and fresh. Personally, I was surprised. Because of the inexpensive price, I thought it would be boring. The tea, however, is lovely in an unusual and understated way. If you like a delicate and sweet green that has many nuances, I would recommend Wu Yi Qu Hao.

    Kei (10/13/2011)
    Es un te barato pero no lo encuentro de mi agrado, he probado muchas formas de infusionarlo pero realmente no me gusta

    FRANCISCO (7/15/2011)
    2001 crop was a pleasant taste, the temperature for brewing was higher than other years crops. When brewing with a higher temperature, I was only able to get one infusion per gwain.

    dennis west (5/29/2011)
    Love on first sip. Wonderful tea. I felt like ordering immediately again. Taste lingers on for hours. Water temperature should be kept medium high. Finger test in absence of a thermometer: when it first hurts.

    Peter (5/26/2011)
    2011 crop - A very odd tea! The tiny curled leaves give off an aroma that is fresh and inviting with a hint of smoke. The liquor, however, tastes just like dry smoked fish to me. I´ve never had a tea with quite this profile, and I´m still not sure if I like it, but it certainly is unusual. I recommend steeping 2 tsp. in a 3 oz. gaiwan for 1-1.5 min. You should definitely decant it after a minute or two because, as a previous reviewer mentioned, it does get bitter if you leave it sitting around. I get three good infusions from it.

    Quinn (4/17/2011)
    Qu Hao tastes so light and refreshing. Multiple brewings are a good as the first.

    Donna (3/28/2010)
    It was ok; there wasn’t any bitterness, a light tasting tea that’s more on the sweet and vegetal side. Doesn’t last too many infusions either.

    Daniel (10/26/2009)
    Nice frech aroma with a vegetal aftertaste. Not a favourite though.

    Thomas (7/14/2009)
    good green tea. don´t let it sit around: is getting bitter then.

    Christian (6/15/2009)
    Great for those who love wulong and baozhong (pouchong) teas. Has similar qualities in a green tea. Complex, with a lasting finish and abundant aroma. Smooth and floral.

    Rolf (4/29/2009)
    Surprisingly good tea for the money. A nice, round cup - vegetal, with fruity and nutty undertones. Good solid tea and a great value.

    Mark (4/8/2009)
    Decent green tea but nothing special compared to the large number of green teas offered by Teaspring. Only try this one if you´re bored with the others.

    Elliot (2/26/2009)
    Qu Hao is a refreshing and light tea. Second infusion is tasteless.

    manuel (9/9/2008)
    Not a bad tea, but not very impressive either. The flavor seems kind of generic to me.

    Daniel (9/6/2008)
    very good green tea, fruty in taste. clear green yellow infusion. excellent for price

    Sergio (7/14/2008)
    This is a pleasant drink with fruity tones on the first infusion. The scent is especially pleasing on the first brew as well. This tea seems to aid digestion well.

    John (5/12/2008)

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