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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Yong Chun Fo Shou
    Yong Chun Fo Shou
    (rating: 4.2 out of 5)
      Yong Chun Fo Shou
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    Another excellent oolong - if taste could be "beautiful", that would describe this tea - thank you!

    Marika (9/15/2014)
    This was a great tea. I really donīt have the vocabulary to describe it.

    Blake (4/16/2014)
    As others have said, excellent aroma and flavor. One of my favorite oolongs.

    Shehzad (3/1/2014)
    Grate aroma, very high tea quality. Love this tea.

    Boris (1/19/2014)
    Восхитительный зеленый чай с прекрасным ароматом и освежающим фруктовым вкусом.

    Alena (10/31/2013)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (10/21/2012)
    In my opinion, its a fresh flavoured tea, with very delicate sweetish taste. I thong it will fit perfectly as cold teas in our hot weather.

    Heinz (10/7/2012)
    Insipid, lack of flavor and taste. Lacks sweetness. The brewed leaves arenīt in good condition, either. Verdict? Bad quality. Go for Tie Guan Yin instead. TeaSpring stocks proper Tie Guan Yin, at least, and itīs supposed to be always similar or better than YCFS (inherent tea value) anyway.

    Sak (10/1/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    The tea quality is very good.I will order more.Thank you.

    Slava ZM (8/21/2012)
    Недорогой чай, но при правильном заваривании обретает неотразимый вкус!

    Anton (7/7/2012)
    Creamy and very nice, I think this tea evolves with subsequent brewings. Recommended.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    Imitation of An Xi Tie Guan Yin. The taste & fragrant just ok, according to the price

    Susany (2/26/2012)
    i like this tea very much, the taste very uplifting my spirit, iīll buy more this tea. excellent

    Triawan (1/9/2012)
    i like this tea very much, the taste very uplifting my spirit, iīll buy more this tea. excellent

    Triawan (12/28/2011)
    I manage to observe 4-5 consistent brews. The quality of the leaf in relation to the price speaks for itself.

    Alvin (12/8/2011)
    The tea quality is very good.I will order more.Thank you.

    Slava ZM (11/8/2011)
    Отличный чай, при правильном заваривании хорош вечером, когда немного устал.

    Anton (10/26/2011)
    Well.Light taste with few strong notes.Donīt overbrew it.

    Pavel (3/16/2011)
    This is the very firt time I try this tea and for sure I will choose it next time I buy in TeaSpring. Highly recommended!

    Juan Luis (1/27/2011)
    High-quality and inexpensive tea. This tea will be ordered next time.

    Anton (11/28/2010)
    The tea quality is very good but the taste i did not enjoy personally.

    li (10/26/2010)
    Great tea. Long lasting taste and smoky aroma. Recommend it after meal.

    Anna (9/10/2010)
    This is very good tea with a pleasant aroma and a staying flavor which builds up with every infusion. For 5 g of tea I get a good 8 infusions in my 120 ml tea pot. Water near boiling. For the price of the tea that is a good run. The flavor lingers on for quite a long time after the last sip.

    Peter (6/10/2010)
    a splendid and beautiful tea. fresh anf with a very good taste.

    Ricardo (5/12/2010)
    Standard Oolong, nothing special found. Was expecting a little better.

    Anton (5/5/2010)
    Good light oolong taste. Reminds me of TGY or Dong Ding. The smell is both pleasant and challenging.

    Ryan (4/29/2010)
    this tea is as fine as can be-I like to use 4 times the recomended amount for strength

    michael (11/18/2009)
    Light to medium fruity and floral aroma, smooth buttery taste, and a mild aftertaste. If you use enough leaves, you can get multiple infusions. I find this tea sort of non-descript and a bit boring. Its taste and aroma are too mild and insipid and do not stand out for me. Among the lightly-oxidized An Xi oolongs, I prefer Teaspringīs Tie Guan Yin or Huang Jin Gui, which have more interesting, strong, and beautiful notes. Nevertheless, I will still give this YCFS five stars because it is faithful to its product description.

    Kei (9/15/2009)
    Amber liquor, slightly cloudy. Full bodied taste and floral aroma of an average Tie Kuan Yin combined with the sour-sweet astringency of a Sencha. Leaves a slight pucker to the to the tongue. A good every day tea.

    Michael (4/17/2009)
    Good, solid oolong tea. Very large leaves, fill the cup entirely.

    Vladimir (3/26/2009)
    I was surprised by how delicious this tea is, a very nice green oolong. Very easy to drink it all day.

    Zenobie (3/25/2009)
    This is a nice, basic oolong that has some reasonable floral notes to it, but it is pretty much good for one solid infusion; the rest donīt have a whole lot to them. While inexpensive, there are better choices out there that yield multiple quality infusions. If you only use the leaves once, this might be for you as the taste and scent are pleasant. However, if you are looking for a green oolong with a bit more last to it, try something else, like Huang Jin Gui or, even better, try a darker oolong like a dan chong.

    Christopher (3/4/2009)
    tihs is an excellent green oolong por its price, a really satifatory everyday tea

    Sergio (12/6/2008)
    My favorite everyday tea. Morning tea, gives you all positive vibes you need for a tough day.

    Milan (11/5/2008)
    This tea is challenging to me. Mostly because i canīt figure out the taste and smell. I donīt think it that good, only interesting.

    Thomas (10/25/2008)
    It was a nice tea for the price. Not as rich and flowery as Tie Guan Yin, but a good everyday tea.

    Oskar (7/11/2008)
    Good everyday green oolong. I prefer Dong Ding thou. It is richer on tase and flagrance. Good for a price.

    Milan (6/9/2008)
    Nice green oolong, pleasant to everyday drinking. Brews up to 5-6 times; 2 and 3 brewings are most excellent. Itīs very good to slake a thirst. Great value for the price.

    victor (5/16/2008)
    I found this tea to have a small bite to it in the aftertaste, a little sweet and a little bitter at the same time. The Aroma was a bit earthy. I found this to be a good tea when there is a snack involved, it was an amazing compliment to real wasabi adding a contrast in flavour that canīt be found in any other tea I have had. Overall though, it was just 3 stars on itīs own.

    Jerod (3/11/2008)
    For the price, itīs a great oolong to have as an everyday tea. But overall, itīs nothing amazing. Not bad, just not great.

    Michael (3/8/2008)
    good everyday green oolong, floral with a hint of creamyness, very good price for its quality

    Sergio (3/4/2008)
    Very nice and pretty leaves too. I might buy this again.

    Merete (2/2/2008)
    good everyday oolong. light in taste with a special creamyness

    Sergio (11/15/2007)
    Nothing "special". Just good for everyday drinking...

    Jana (9/18/2007)
    agreable, doux, frais printanier ce temps a un bon gout herbeux

    SYLVIE (9/14/2007)
    I didn’t care for this tea. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it didn’t do anything for me.

    Alex (8/25/2007)
    A nice, green oolong with good durability and a wonderfull fresh buttery aroma. I had to look out my sniffer cups so I could appreciate the aroma a little longer. Oh and it tastes good too.

    Gary (6/28/2007)
    This is a great everyday tea. The batch I got seems lighter in colour than the last one I got

    Toni (5/25/2007)
    the tea is ok, for me the tea is not straight enough and there could be more aroma

    Christian (3/28/2007)
    This tea is great!! I have been a milk oolong drinker in the past which is why I bought this tea. What stands out to me is the heavy nut flavor you pick up thought the brewing experience. I have also found this Oolong is great for mixing with some Herbal tea’s such as jasmine yin zhen.

    eric (3/22/2007)
    Fresh and a slight bouquet after taste. Very representative of Buddha Hand tea. Love the distinction. Was able to steep 4 times - the 4th time is a bit weak but still... recommended!

    duc (3/19/2007)

    GIOVANNI (2/3/2007)
    My husband and I like it as an after dinner tea. I use my mom’s chinese tea pot ...I recommend a clay pot to bring out the flavor.

    Judith A (1/28/2007)
    A nice, sweet oolong, pleasant to drink. Not a lot of depth but very reliable.

    Jennifer (1/4/2007)
    Nice tea, very peculiar and fresh aftertaste. Its very green compared to the usual oolong I like, but nonetheless I like it.

    Vladimir (11/20/2006)
    My first Oolong tea.

    Michael (9/27/2006)
    Very interesting flavour!

    Toni (9/24/2006)
    This is not the first time we try this tea and we feel that this is a great tea and my wife and I enjoy it. The price seems to be a bit exessive.

    Alexander (9/4/2006)
    Perfect Oolong with subtle hint of smokiness. Brews up to 6 times with no effect for aroma

    Armandas (8/7/2006)
    Very aromatic and fresh tea, this year without smokiness, subtle floral and fruity notes. One of my favourites! Great value for the price.

    Armandas (8/7/2006)
    Perfect Oolong with subtle hint of smokiness. Brews up to 6 times with no effect for aroma.

    Armandas (9/1/2005)

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