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  Chinese Herbal Tea
Looking for a caffeine-free alternative? Try Chinese Herbal tea. Chinese Herbal tea contains herbal tisanes formulated to taste delicious and refreshing while helping to keep your mind relaxed and body rejuvenated.
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Gold Label Buckwheat TeaBuckwheat Tea
(3 types)
A nutritious drink for everyday enjoyment.

Price : $6.90

(3 types)
This tea is well-known for its cooling effects.

Price : $7.40

Eight Treasures Tea No 1Eight Treasures Tea No 1
This product is temporarily out of stock

Price : $8.80

Gingko and Green Tea BlendGingko and Green Tea Blend
Renowned for its memory enhancing quality.

Price : $9.00

Honeysuckle FlowerHoneysuckle Flower
Elegant and good with medicial qualities.

Price : $7.50

Jasmine BudJasmine Bud
Adored as the world's best fragrance.

Price : $4.50

Jiao Gu LanJiao Gu Lan
Many health-giving qualities and anti-aging effects.

Price : $7.50

Kuding TeaKuding Tea
Herbal drink with detoxifying properties.

Price : $6.90

Calming and helps promote restful sleep.

Price : $8.00

Osmanthus FlowerOsmanthus Flower
A perfect blend for Green and Oolong teas.

Price : $8.10

Qian Ri HongQian Ri Hong
The name of this tea means "Thousand Days Red".

Price : $4.50

Red RosebudRed Rosebud
A lovely and highly enjoyable beverage.

Price : $9.50

A perfect blend for Chrysanthemum teas.

Price : $7.90

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    Spring 2016
  1. An Ji Bai Cha
  2. Jiu Hua Fo Cha
  3. Bai Hao Yin Zhen
  4. Long Jing
  5. Cha Wang Tai Ping Hou Kui
  6. Cha Wang Huang Shan Mao Feng
  7. Cha Wang Lu An Gua Pian
  8. Yang Yan Gou Qing
  9. Sichuan Gongfu
  10. Lion Xi Hu Long Jing
  11. Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun
  12. Xu Fu Long Ya
  13. Meng Ding Huang Ya
  14. Emperor Long Jing
  15. Meng Ding Gan Lu
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  1. Xi Hu Long Jing
  2. Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun
  3. Huang Shan Mao Feng
  4. Tai Ping Hou Kui
  5. Lu An Gua Pian
  6. Xin Yang Mao Jian
  7. Qi Men Hong
  8. Jun Shan Yin Zhen
  9. Da Hong Pao
  10. An Xi Tie Guan Yin
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