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  Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
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    Cha Wang Lu An Gua Pian
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    Cha Wang Lu An Gua Pian
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Cha Wang Lu An Gua Pian
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    Love this tea, and the new box that come with it. Still very smooth and no bitterness, but compare to three years ago, the after taste seem to last longer last time.

    Matthew (6/20/2019)
    In my opinion Lu An Gua Pian is the best tea in the world, so why not go for the top quality (Cha Wang)? It costs a little more, but it is so worth it. Plus it comes in a beautiful container.

    Braden (5/20/2018)
    This tea has sweet nutty aroma and taste. The aftertaste is also apparent, which is rare in green teas. It is absolutely delicious and very refreshing. The tea is also easy to brew; will not go bitter even when over steeped.

    dennis west (12/26/2016)
    The floral taste and aftertaste of a strong cup of Lu An Gua Pian is a reminiscence of Tie Guan Yin tea. The pleasant floral sweetness of this tea gradually fills your mouth. Very refreshing and smooth.

    dennis west (9/3/2016)
    Smooth, and the taste is strong. no bitterness even leaving it there for a long time. Good tea.

    Matthew (4/20/2016)
    Tea is rich with umami, it has a strong nutty/roasted feeling very similar to Japanese teas. Something, however gives this away as Chinese tea. I think it is the sweet aftertaste, it’s kind of non-japanese. But really, could honestly mistake Luan Guapian for sencha.

    dennis west (3/16/2016)
    Very pleased with all aspects of this order. Would highly recommend company and products.

    Joanne (11/16/2015)
    Good tea. If my memories are accurate, last yearīs was more interesting, freshness was sharper. Luan Guapian tastes quite Japanese for a Chinese green, it reminds me of a soft bancha, but itīs clearer and more elegant. Iīll probably order this again next year.

    Jesse (7/6/2014)
    Good enough. It is one of may favorite Chinese tea. It comes in a red box and looks like a gift.

    Igor (2/8/2014)
    This is one of my favourite green teas. It has no astringency whatsoever and is a very fresh and mild tea. It does have quite a lot of caffeine so I only drink this variety earlier in the day.

    Noah (1/30/2014)
    First time brewing this fine tea so I am still experimenting. I like the flavor and aftertaste so far. I like the tin it came in also.

    raymond (10/28/2013)
    Very nice tea. Mild flavour. I found that it is not able to maintain flavour for more than one infusion, though.

    Noah (2/20/2013)
    One of the best green tea overall. Extremely refreshing

    Chang (11/6/2012)
    We adored this tea. Itīs pleasantly vegetal and delicate and lasts long in the mouth.

    andreina (10/12/2012)
    Havenīt had this since 2010 red tin. I forgot how deliciously floral and balanced this tea is. Still one of my faves. A+++

    Dorian (8/11/2012)
    Extraordinary. Such a strong aroma from the tea leaves, and then such a taste! Wonderful. Highly recommended as a "first time" green tea.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    Sweet, Nutty, Fresh, Not bitter & strong fragrance until 3rd brewed. the texture & color of the leaves are still good, maybe itīs cha wang lu an gua pian in tin, so the quality assured.

    Susany (2/15/2012)
    very good tea. a bit too expensive. ****************

    khalifah (1/27/2012)
    Sweet, Nutty, Fresh, Not bitter & strong fragrance until 3rd brewed. the texture & color of the leaves are still good, maybe itīs cha wang lu an gua pian in tin, so the quality assured.

    Susany (1/4/2012)
    This tea is fascinating. Though it is among the most expensive tea Iīve ever purchased.

    peng (8/16/2011)
    I like this green tea more than any other. From the packaging itself, you can tell thatīs the quality is guaranteed. Then, when you open the package and see the quality of the leaves, you will be glad you bought this. And the taste is just perfect.

    Chang (7/11/2011)
    this is very nice Tea, it last very long time, I put 2 tea spoon for like about 4 Coffee Cups, I drink it very day now, good quality Tea and it worth the money, it is my first order from Tea Spring, now I will purchase again.

    Kim (6/11/2011)
    Very interesting tea. I confess this is my first dealing with a Lu an gua pian. The first thing i notice in the leaf is a good uniformity, a good deep green colour, im reminded of a fine gyokoru green, slightly less emerald. The dry leaf IMO surrenders very little smell, when I first opened it I was a little worried this tea might not deliver. I have to say i wasnīt disappointed, this is an intriguing green with excellent longevity. The smell of the wet leaves really is quite strange to say the least, think crispy smoked bacon or frazzles crisps (chips for our USA friends) The smell isnīt over powering but it is definitely definable in the mix, this smell does in some small way translate into flavour, but it is mild warming quality that doesnīt turn the tea into something resembling bacon broth, so no fear there. It takes several outings to learn a tea, i know this from the mistake i made recently reviewing tea springs dong ting bi luo chun, a tea which i now regard as one of my most treasured greens, a tea which i considered only good at time of review. I am in many ways reminded of that experience with this tea, i suspect once i have fully understood all the nuances and subtleties this will also become a favourite. I should also note that the photo doesnīt do the red tin justice, it really is cuter than a bowl of ducklings. Indeed is high quality, unique tea with itīs great tin would make a really superb gift to any tea lover, will certainly buy again next year when the fresh harvest comes. Stay tuned for my emporer long jing review, thatīs next on the cards lol

    Dorian (9/23/2010)
    An extremely high quality tea. Bought this last year too and never disappointed with it. Come in original packaging straight from the manufacturer.

    Chang (8/9/2010)
    Can be a bit tricky to brew, but still, compared to the other Lu An Gua Pian, I find the normal Lu An Gua Pian more favorable than this one. It just wasnīt that sensational to me.

    Daniel (12/10/2009)
    Very good quality, the aftertaste is similar to TGY, even the leaves are similar, stems stems are removed, it has strong awakening effect.

    Nagy (11/2/2009)
    This one of the best green teas, I have ever ordered from TeaSpring. The first infusion had a slight fleeting floral note. I find the aftertaste rather subtle. Overall, the tea brews up a sweet, full, and extremely smooth drink. The leaves are beautiful, fresh, florescent green and resemble cute oval melon seeds. I find the taste of the tea is similar to Huang Shan Mao Feng, which also uses leaves instead of buds and is also a tea from An Hui province. The premium price you pay for such a well-produced artisanal tea is worth it. You can get multiple infusions from such high-quality tea, so in the end it is actually a bargain. I highly recommend this tea and everyone should try it at least once!

    Kei (7/1/2009)
    Clearly a very good Lu An Gua Pian, especially for an organic one. Very fresh. Nice leaves as it should be expected for a +50$/100g tea.

    Olivier (6/8/2009)
    Great green tea, would be nice if it came in larger quanities. Made the mistake of taking it to work, now all my co-workers want me to share.

    Deborah (6/4/2009)
    Excellent tea. First experience trying this Cha Wang but really impressed with itīs taste. Numerous awards and worth the extra money.

    Chang (5/4/2009)

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