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Chinese tea, a wonderful beverage with many health benefits makes great gifts. It sends a message that you truly care, no matter if the recipient is a special friend, a family member or your loved one. Just select the gift box and accompanying teas, and send that message today!
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  • Ming Xiang Gift Canister (S)  
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    Ming Xiang Gift Canister (S)
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    Ming Xiang Gift Canister (S)
    (rating: 4 out of 5)
    Ming Xiang Gift Canister (S)
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    The canister is very pretty. It looks better than the picture, but it is smaller than I expected. I ordered it with 150g longjing, however the container has a capacity only for 100g of longjing.

    Fan (3/5/2011)
    I got this gift canister with the Smoked Lapsang Souchang. The tea is absolutely amazing. Basically my favorite tea of all time! I typically get 5 lovely infusions from 2 1/2 teaspoon leaf. That´s ALOT of infusions, and makes the cost seem extremely low when you calculate the overall money/brewed cup. The canister is really pretty as well. The interior is lined with what appears to be foil, which I am sure helps keep the tea fresh. The only problem I saw was that the lid was not very tight. It was tight enough to not fall off or anything, but not tight enough for air-freshness. It was easily fixed though! Simply take the bubble wrap that the container comes shipped with, pop all the bubbles, cut a circle about a centimeter larger in diameter than the container, and then place this on top of the container before you put the lid on. This adds a layer of squishy plastic that will make the container much more air tight. Other than that it is a great product, well worth the price!

    Ryan (9/16/2009)

    Markov (3/5/2007)

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