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    Pearl Jasmine
    Pearl Jasmine
    (rating: 4.7 out of 5)
      Pearl Jasmine
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    Nice pearl jasmine with fresh leaves and good scenting. Smooth, sweet, and delicate. Te Ji Pearl Jasmine is frothier, richer, more complex, but this pearl jasmine is nevertheless a good quality jasmine tea. Highly recommended!

    Kei (3/21/2010)
    Good everyday tea. Like it. Good everyday tea. Like it. Good everyday tea. Like it. Good everyday tea. Like it. Good everyday tea. Like it.

    Olga (1/26/2010)
    As Im new to the tea culture (only about 4 years into it) I am very pleased by the taste and quality of the Pearl Jasmine that I received. The tease and brewing was very pleasant and I would recommend this tea to anyone that wants a good quality tea for a good price.

    Bryon (1/17/2010)
    Im new to the Green tea and Peral Jasmine teas. As I know as a newbie. The pearl jasmine that is sold here is the best Ive found. newbie of tea drinking for 4 year CC. Tea drinking is something you just dont pick up over night.

    Bryon (1/17/2010)
    Хорошее соотношение цена-качество. Класический зеленый чай. Насыченый вкус и аромат. Рекомендую!

    Andriy (1/11/2010)
    An excellent jasmine tea for the price offered! Although the tea leaves are not as white or downy as some of the higher quality (and price!) offerings on this website and elsewhere, the tea is still deliciously aromatic. I brewed it with boiling water and enjoyed it very much as a robust, scented tea.

    Vuong (1/8/2010)
    Great jasmine tea. I will give it "5", but Te Ji Pearl Jasmine is - for me - better, this one is little too strong, but still very good, especially for several brewings.

    Paweł (12/19/2009)
    Im not a really big fan of jasmine teas, but I do drink them occasionally. This is one of the best Ive had. Very nice aroma and flavor. The aroma is really a mix of jasmine and tea, rather than just jasmine.

    bryan (12/17/2009)
    Насыщеный вкус и аромат. Теряет вкус при заваривании кипятком.

    Andriy (12/4/2009)
    Very good jasmine pearl tea, I usually brew it for a little longer than usual to maximize jasmine taste.

    Mitchell (11/22/2009)
    Хорошее соотношение цена-качество. Класический зеленый чай. Насыченый вкус и аромат. Рекомендую!

    Andriy (10/30/2009)
    Good price / quality ratio. The classic green tea. Nasycheny taste and aroma. Recommended!

    Andriy (10/30/2009)
    A Good green tea strong in flavor-high energy-an always have tea-I enjoy it alot- this tea has the best taste if you love green tea this is tops!,relaxing as most teas are-and uplifting for its energy-you can be happy with this tea- Ben

    michael (10/15/2009)
    You can get upwards of 3 delicious infusions with this tea. A must have for jasmine lovers.

    Christine (10/10/2009)
    I love the fragrance and delicate taste of the lovely tea.

    Donna (8/9/2009)
    This is an excellent pearl jasmine tea, especially for the price! Well-balanced and mild... absolutely delicious. I will certainly be ordering this again!

    Nikki (7/1/2009)
    Sweet and refreshing. Love to drink it in the morning for a delicious pick me up or as an after meal treat.

    Jenni (5/13/2009)
    Великолепный чай!!

    Elena (4/19/2009)
    Превосходный чай.

    Sergey (4/13/2009)
    Этот чай имеет вкус и запах жасмина, но самого жасмина нет. Фантастика.

    Sergey (3/31/2009)
    tastes and smells great, a wonderful classical green tea.

    Yun (3/24/2009)
    Really good one. Very mild taste, lasts for several infusions. It so differs from low-cost jasmine flavoured green teas!

    Alexander (11/25/2008)
    wonderful jasmine tea. This is how i introduce others to tea.

    John (10/30/2008)
    Een grote jasmijnthee waar wel een zestal aftreksels uit verkregen kunnen worden. Mooie neus en goudgele infusie.

    Dirk (10/6/2008)
    I enjoyed this tea alot. Nice aroma, good for relaxing.

    William (8/11/2008)
    Good tea,a classical chinese favorite one of my favorite if you know how to brew it right it makes an excellent.

    Robert (7/23/2008)
    If you are looking for a flavored green tea, this is the one. A delightful aroma and even better taste. Lewis

    Lewis (7/7/2008)
    Great tea, great service. Thet let me know when one was out of stock, and recommended another.

    George (6/22/2008)
    Its a good Jasmine tea with a attractive aroma and taste.

    CHONGCHEN (5/11/2008)
    Good in taste and in fragnance as always. Perfect tea to shake yourself up early morning in an office )

    vyacheslav (4/28/2008)
    Just got it in mail. Excellent tea with a very nice aroma and good taste. Best of jasmine scented teas Ive tried.

    vyacheslav (3/18/2008)
    Gorgeous green tea and jasmine pearls that make a smooth and inviting tea. Especially good in spring time!

    Eveanne (2/19/2008)
    Great aroma and taste. Pearl Jasmine is a must-try for any tea lover.

    Ahmed (12/29/2007)
    Green jasmine tea is always a pleasure. a tea for every moment.

    Freek (12/27/2007)
    Fragnant tea with a gently taste. Very good after a stodge because of it refreshing effect.

    Denis (12/13/2007)
    Delicious tea, very tastfull. Large, rich taste. You can drink it throu the whole day.

    Annemarie (11/21/2007)
    I like this tea, which is why I bought more of it, however, this time I think the quality was worse that last order which is why its "only" good, I still love it, its a very nice jasmine tea, just not as good as last time which makes me sad...

    Yu Bo (10/27/2007)
    I LOVED this tea, it has a sweet aroma and gorgeous lingering after-taste. I really enjoyed it and will be ordering more!

    Edurne (8/25/2007)
    Very good Pearl Jasmine. The smell and taste of Jasmine is very strong, and it is really beautiful to see the pearls unweaving into the leaves.

    Erikson (8/17/2007)
    Guter Jasmintee. Erste Sahne. Gre aus Deutschland

    Christian (8/9/2007)
    Good quality though its tea bud is smaller than your Te-Ji one and is with less white down.

    CHONGCHEN (6/13/2007)
    One of the best jasmines that i have had. Great quality tea.

    jose (6/7/2007)
    I ordered this tea again because it is so excellent. I intend to keep doing it.

    George (5/7/2007)
    Great Tea! Bought for my parents and they asked that I get them more.

    Nancy (4/17/2007)
    Great Tea! Bought for my parents and they asked that I get them more.

    Nancy (4/17/2007)
    Great Tea! Bought for my parents and they asked that I get them more.

    Nancy (4/17/2007)
    Great tea. Easy to drink, and great delivery service.

    George (4/4/2007)
    Tea was excellent. The service continues to be excellent.

    George (4/4/2007)
    very good

    SYLVIE (3/17/2007)
    This tea has more Jasmine flavor than any I have tried. It is beyond excellent!

    Jane (3/12/2007)
    good but not equal to the superior te.jl pearl tea quality

    bertie (3/7/2007)
    Fascinating to smell, drink and look at.

    Cynthia (3/2/2007)
    Very good, great classic. An easy way too impress friends and family.

    Vincent (3/2/2007)
    Intense jasmine flavor

    Howard (2/4/2007)
    One of my favorite flavored greens.

    Alexis (1/29/2007)
    Best price and quality I had with this tea so far

    Sue (12/14/2006)
    Taste good and enjoying

    Seng (12/14/2006)
    excellent alone, perfect addition to any other tea

    Alla (10/6/2006)
    On time, good shape, at promised cost

    York (10/2/2006)
    On time, in good shape at delivered cost

    York (10/2/2006)

    Michael (9/21/2006)
    Great taste. Excellent service. Fast delivery. A+

    Alla (9/19/2006)
    Product arrived in perfect condition and the tea itself was of perfect quality

    Aniz (9/7/2006)
    A perfect tea for late afternoon.

    Lloyd (7/3/2006)
    SO tasty, and stands up to many brewings.

    Christine (3/23/2006)
    This is our all time favorite!

    Ed (3/6/2006)
    The ultimate jasmine tea... Not only a pleasure to drink, but to see as well.

    Christine (12/2/2005)

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