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  Pu-erh Tea
Pu-erh is renowned for its medicinal qualities. Unlike other teas, Pu-erh's quality and taste improves with age. It's taste is often described as earthy but some very well aged Pu-erh produce cups of incredibly smooth and wonderfully complex beverage.
  Pu-erh Tea
  • Chun Jian Zang Zhuan Cha  (2 types)
  • Feng Huang Tuo Cha  
  • Haiwan Chen Xiang Zhuan Cha  
  • Haiwan Qiao Mu Zhuan Cha  
  • Liu An  
  • Loose-leaf Pu-erh  (2 types)
  • Pu-erh Chrysanthemum  
  • Xiaguan Tuo Cha  (3 types)
  • Yin Zhen Tea Cake  
  • Yunnan Tuo Cha  
    Yin Zhen Tea Cake
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    Yin Zhen Tea Cake
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      Yin Zhen Tea Cake
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    Yin Zhen tea cake is made from lightly oxidized, still-closed Da Bai (Great White) tea buds, which were compressed into the shape of a round disc for easy storing and aging. The tea plants where the buds were picked from grow in high mountains, 1000 meters above sea level in Fuding County. There is a Chinese saying "San Nian Yao, Qi Nian Bao", which describes white tea as being medicinal after 3 years of aging, and becomes a treasure after 7 years. White tea aged for 3 years is said to be good for preventing body heat related illnesses such as sore throat and flu. After 7 years, it is said to be good for concentration, stomach illnesses, vision and has anti-aging properties.

    Other names:
    Silver Needle Tea Cake

    The tea is smooth and lightly sour with a hint of floral sweetness in the aftertaste. We recommend adding a bit of rock sugar or honey.

    Brand, Manufacturer:
    Fuding, Fujian Province

    Harvest Period:
    Spring 2014

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