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  Pu-erh Tea
Pu-erh is renowned for its medicinal qualities. Unlike other teas, Pu-erh's quality and taste improves with age. It's taste is often described as earthy but some very well aged Pu-erh produce cups of incredibly smooth and wonderfully complex beverage.
  Pu-erh Tea
  • Chun Jian Zang Zhuan Cha  (2 types)
  • Feng Huang Tuo Cha  
  • Haiwan Chen Xiang Zhuan Cha  
  • Haiwan Qiao Mu Zhuan Cha  
  • Liu An  
  • Loose-leaf Pu-erh  (2 types)
  • Pu-erh Chrysanthemum  
  • Xiaguan Tuo Cha  (3 types)
  • Yin Zhen Tea Cake  
  • Yunnan Tuo Cha  
    Yin Zhen Tea Cake
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    Yin Zhen Tea Cake
    (rating: 4.7 out of 5)
      Yin Zhen Tea Cake
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    All of the leaves are really beautiful. I did find a little prize in the cake but that is common. I think that this tea needs a couple of rinses before you enjoy, it brings out the tea instead of the storage scents. Overall nice white tea that I hope gets better with age.

    Lee (1/26/2015)
    Eccellente tč prodotto con foglie di tč Yin Zhen dal bel colore chiaro. Ottimo puerh verde dal gusto intenso e dolcissimo. Da consigliare e provare anche per infusioni multiple.

    Andrea (5/28/2013)
    I love this cake. Smooth, sweet, very durable a little leaf goes a long way.

    William (2/28/2013)
    This is seriously good tea: a full, round flavour with a hint of honey and absolutely no bitterness. I have made this tea gong fu style and I am currently at my 5th infusion and the taste is still going strong. A great buy - highly recommended!

    Elke (12/21/2012)
    Wonderful fresh clean, invigorating flavor, although distinctively pu-er with some mild earthiness, that steeps over and over again without losing flavor. Steeped it at least 10 times, just increasing steep time as I went along.

    Donald (11/21/2012)
    This is the best pu-erh for itīs age that I haver ever tasted it is mellow never bitter regardless of steeping time or temperature it has a sweet after taste and holds up great to mutilple infusions , I will purchase this tea as long as you stock it ; hope you never run out . Mitch

    Mitchell (7/30/2012)
    good quality but not my taste .

    Christian (4/25/2012)
    Enough puerh to last a lifetime! Highly recommended (very very good price for that much puerh).

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    Have to drink it a bit to understand it. I am not Pu er fan. So itīs hard for me to compare. But my friend told me that itīs the best Pu Er she ever tried. Taste is sweet, yet not as refreshing as white or yellow teas I drink. 2g tea is enough for me to make 6-7 200g cups of tea. Very good value especially fir the price.

    Andrei (3/12/2012)
    Shipping this time round was fast, and upon opening the packaging, a sweet scent of kombucha smashed my face. Using a clay teapot, I filled it with roughly a tablespoon of tea, and the first infusion lasted roughly 4 breaths. Came out soft, fresh, and sweet, with the scent of kombucha and fermentaion blending perfectly with a light earthiness. Subsequent steepings reveal an earthier character, with the freshness diminishing into oblivion. Would buy again.

    Artem (2/23/2012)
    it looks green but the color is red. the taste is always pu er tea.

    Susany (10/23/2011)
    I was entirely excited to receive and start sipping! Not only was the packaging and appearance beyond expectations, but the leaves and their current state of preservation were well beyond what I was expecting. I opened the cake and worked off about a tablespoon of material, placing the tea into an in-cup strainer. I steeped for around two minutes using near-boiling water. I was really surprised with how fast a complete and rich cup of this tea was ready. Oversteeping would probably have degraded my first experience with this tea. IT WAS GREAT! Truly civilized and polished in every sense of the word. I steeped for a second infusion and it was every bit as flavorful and forward as the first cup. A little tea goes a long way. This is most definitely a cost-effective way to drink an exotic tea, and Iīm not a skimper with my horde. This tea is entirely approachable; I would use this tea to entertain friends of any and all tea persuasions.... there just isnīt anything with this tea not to like. Itīs that well-behaved. I also found it to be a relaxing and refreshing evening tea, nothing to interfere with sleep. Wonderful, forward flavor and a classic tea aroma. This would make a great gift for a tea lover! Good price and a lasting value. I will order more than one next time.

    Billy (10/6/2011)
    Very high quality cake.Strong aroma with mellow taste.Not every day tea. Thank you!

    Slava ZM (6/13/2011)
    Flower scent is very strong, almost equal to Ye Boa white tea Iīve ever drank

    antonius (5/28/2011)
    I bought a Yin Zhen cake fall 2009, but used it sparingly. A year later, I finally broke it up, making it much more convenient for brewing (the leaves cleave quite nicely). Now I drink it daily, and though I havenīt yet exhausted my original cake, I decided to buy another just so I wouldnīt have to go a day without this wonderful pu-erh. The brew is quite forgiving, remaining smooth even when steeped for long periods. Generally I steep four cups per serving, but the leaves are very hardy, capable of at least twice that many cups. Though it may seem pricey compared to other teas, keep in mind that you end up with a huge amount of pu-erh. Definitely worth it.

    James (3/3/2011)
    Č il primo pu-erh raw green compresso che assaggio, ed č stata una vera sorpresa; da quanto avevo letto pensavo avesse un gusto ed un aroma un po’ difficile, invece, almeno per quanto riguarda questo, ho riscontrato una fondamentale dolcezza e morbidezza sia nel gusto che nell’aroma; con il metodo gung fu cha č possibile fare svariate infusioni. il rapporto qualitā prezzo mi sembra ottimo.

    Tommaso (1/16/2011)
    Very nice aroma, tastes slightly sweet very mellow regardless of infusion time highly recomended a lot of tea for the price you will not regret your purchase. Mitch

    Mitchell (1/4/2011)
    Nice light flavour tea. I like the way it tastes now, may let some age though.

    Wade (7/31/2010)
    subtile, flavour and harmonic. this tea is one of my favorite.

    Ricardo (5/13/2010)
    This tea is my first step for new pu-erh. I alwasy drink oridinary pu-erh, but this Yin Zhen Tea Cake is so fantastic. Great taste.

    Lukasz (5/6/2010)
    This is one of the best green/raw pu-erh teas that I have ever tried. Multiple infusions are possible. This tea (unless many other raw pu-erh teas) will not get bitter. The taste reminds me of Bai Mu Dan.

    Jana (2/2/2010)
    Wonderful. Endures plenty of infusions. Great value. The best-tasting pu-erh that Iīve ever had. This one would make a great gift.

    James (12/3/2009)
    This tea is nicely packaged-but will let it age in a cool dry place-for about 30 years-should be nice to drink and flavorful by then I spose-Ben

    michael (10/29/2009)
    I liked it very much. Very mild sweety taste. Tea aroma lasts well for multiple infusions. Not as strong as cooked pu-erh, more cups can be consumed with no problem.

    Alexander (5/31/2009)
    The cake arrived as depicted and once I broke the cake, the leaves were very silky to the touch, yet firm from the nature of cake compaction. The unbrewed leaves have a wonderfully heady, sweet scent that is stronger than the sweetness in the resultant liquor. When properly brewed (following the recommendations), you do get some of the classic Pu-Ehr flavor that is revered by some and loathed by others. I would think this tea would make a great introduction for people new to Pu-Ehr because of the price point (a lot of tea for the money) and also the excellent flavor, which may serve to bridge people from other tea types to Pu-Ehr.

    Tim (5/18/2009)
    Wow. The taste is sweet and smooth with a pleasant after taste. You can also taste the yunnan gold malt flavor as described. A very complex and satisfying puer.

    William (3/17/2009)
    I brewed this tea gong-fu style. Teaware: 150 ml red-cinnabar (hong zhuni) yixing clay teapot that is solely used for raw pu-er (sheng cha). Amount of tea leaves: 8 grams Water temperature: below boiling point Infusion time: After rinsing the tea, first infusion is 5 seconds, increasing to about 6 mins for the 10th infusion. Color of the tea liquor: First few infusions has initial golden-yellow and it turned straw-yellow after cooling and oxidized. The last few infusions has initial amber color and turned coppery after cooling and oxidized Aroma: Fresh fruity smell Taste: Clean, velvety and refreshing with a fruity hint of apricot. It also has a honey-sweet undertone. The pleasant aftertaste lingers in the mouth for several minutes. Spent leaves: Olive-chestnut color with a mixture of unfloded 2 leaves bud, single unfolded leaves, broken leaves and stems. Observatory notes: At the 10th infusion there is no bitterness or astringency. The aroma and taste is pretty consistent throughout the 10 infusions. This is definitely an awesome tea worth keeping. Highly recommended!

    Steve (3/6/2009)
    Very mild and subtle - PuErh to share with nice woman.

    Armandas (8/7/2006)
    This is a really delicious and light, refreshing tea with a citrusy scent and wonderful aftertaste. It brews up well and lasts for many brews. Good tea for beginners--even my boyfriend loves it.

    Danica (5/9/2006)
    The Yinzhen Tea Cake seems to be comprised almost entirely of buds. It is sweet and refreshing, reminding me of lemonade. I keep a supply of this tea at work to drink in the afternoon. This pu’er is simple to brew. The buds flake easily from the beeng cha, requiring no effort to break apart. During brewing, this pu’er releases a wonderful aroma. I am a grat fan of Six Famous Tea Mountain (SFTM), and I am happy that this company produces tea that is great to drink young and suitable for aging. For those who have not tried pu’er, Yinzhen Tea Cake would be a good starting place. Don’t start an exploration of pu’er by purchasing the cheapest product you can find at websites that have no appreication of quality. Instead, start here--because TeaSpring’s SFTM Yinzhen Tea Cake will hook you. This is a delightful tea. ~Gerald Tiffany

    Gerald (12/20/2005)
    really amazing

    Valeriano (9/4/2005)

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