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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
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Huang Jin GuiHuang Jin Gui
Rich and complex with a honeysuckle flavor.

Price : $7.20

Gui Hua OolongGui Hua Oolong
Osmanthus flower scented Oolong tea.

Price : $8.10

Yong Chun Fo ShouYong Chun Fo Shou
Name literally means "Buddha's Hand".

Price : $8.30

Lan Gui RenLan Gui Ren
A very desirable scented tea with orchid aroma.

Price : $8.30

Shui XianShui Xian
(2 types)
A popular Chinese restaurant tea.

Price : $8.70

Nai Xiang OolongNai Xiang Oolong
Lovely milk-like fragrance and taste.

Price : $11.20

Jiu Long PaoJiu Long Pao
New tea created by cross-breeding Da Hong Pao.

Price : $12.50

Huang Guan YinHuang Guan Yin
Wu Yi tea processed using light fire.

Price : $12.50

Feng Huang Dan CongDan Cong
(3 types)
A very nice tea with sweet peachy flavor.

Price : $12.90

Jade Tie Guan YinTie Guan Yin
(3 types)
The most famous of all Chinese Oolongs.

Price : $15.10

Da Hong PaoDa Hong Pao
(3 types)
King of the Wuyi Yan Teas. A treasure of China.

Price : $15.50

Dong Ding OolongDong Ding Oolong
The finest Oolong from Taiwan.

Price : $15.80

Rou GuiRou Gui
The aroma of this tea is captivating.

Price : $16.60

Bai Hao OolongBai Hao Oolong
Named "Oriental Beauty" by Queen Elizabeth II.

Price : $17.20

Beidou No 1Beidou No 1
Aroma as wonderful as the meaning of its name. 

Price : $22.20

Wu Yi Yan Cha 90sWu Yi Yan Cha 90s
Wu Yi Yan tea with more than 10 years aging.

Price : $27.90

Bai Ji GuanBai Ji Guan
A very rare treasure with wonderfully complex taste.

Price : $29.10

Tie Luo HanTie Luo Han
Earliest Wu Yi famous tea.

Price : $29.10

Wu Yi Yan Cha BingWu Yi Yan Cha Bing
A remake of the Song Dynasty's tribute tea, "Long Tuan Feng Bing".

Price : $34.90

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