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    Storing loose tea leaves
    Careful storing of your teas are important to keep quality loss to a minimum. Here are a few guidelines :
    • Use vacuum-sealed bags or containers.
    • Keep away from sunlight and heat. Tea should be stored in a cool, dark place.
    • Keep away from places with strong odors.
    • Keep tea packaged in small quantities as dampness (e.g. steam) can damage it while you are measuring out.
    It is also important to know that each type of tea has a different shelf life. The taste of Green tea begin to deteriorate within a year while Black and Oolong teas can be stored for several years with little loss of quality.

    Cooler box is a good place to store your teas. Wrap the tea leaves in 2 layers of paper (use a thicker material for the outer layer) before storing it in the cooler box. It can keep the tea leaves fresh for months.

    Storing Pu-erh tea
    Pu-erh is special in that the quality and value improves with age. The older it is, the better. This is especially true with Green (Raw) Pu-erh. After going through the slow post fermentation from years of aging, this tea develops a very desirable and special kind of taste and fragrance found only in aged Pu-erh.

    If you are interested in storing and aging your Pu-erh, we recommend you choose the compressed type (tea cake, brick, tou cha etc). It is not difficult to store Pu-erh tea at all. Here are a few guidelines :

    • Keep away from sunlight and heat.
    • Clean and dry environment.
    • Keep away from places with strong odors.
    • Provides good ventilation. Unlike other types of tea, Pu-erh requires ventilation in order to age.

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